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"Writing is a disease. The good news? It's pretty fun."

Good morning/day/evening or whatever time of the day you may be spending at the moment you find this site...

I've no fricking idea how you actually got here and, trust me, I not sure if I even want to know, but now that you're here anyways, I'd be really grateful if you'd check out some of my stuff here (pics, stories, blog, whatever you may be interested in), thnx...


All the updates on this site'll be shown on this page (accept for the blog), 'k?

And then the warnings so no one can say I didn't inform them beforehand; my stories might include some gaypairings, suicides, character deaths, mental problems, murders, etc; but they'll all be told in the beginning of the story, so you know if you've some sorta issues with some of those things.

And I hope no one comes to the Comment Guide to mock me'bout such a things, since I've warned you beforehand here and later on, too. But I do hope people'd chack these things out anyways, thankyouverymuch!

P.S. I think I need to mention a few things'bout me using English on this site. So, yes, I'm a Finn, but using English in writing's somehow become a habit of mines, and now writing Finnish's become a real pain in the ass (I can sit by the computer, thinking'bout a simple word in English, wondering how I'll translate it to my own motherlanguage... Stupid, huh?).

English'll be used everywhere on this iste altogether, so if you can't read it... Well, there isn't much I can do'bout that, then. Sorry....

P.S.S. How can you read "Comment Guide" as "Commit Suicide", eh?


The latest uptades:

22.03.2010 - Okay, so it's been ages since I last uploaded anything here! I just added a new section to my library: fics. You may check that out if you please.

21.07.2010 - Weeeeell, can't really say I'd have much new here, but I've added a new prologue to the Longer Stories; The Ghost City. Hope you'll like it!

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