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Note: This small "story" contains some depressive/suicidical thoughts, so if you don't like, then plz don't read (or at least come complain'bout it later)!



My life's like a movie flashing before my eyes. I watch others go by, living their lives, but there's one hole that catches my eyes in that perfeckt picture...  A blank spot.

A hollow feeling, that's all there is... In that place where I'm supposed to be. I'm not the main character in my own story. No, I'm the one who keeps the movie unfinished. You can't show it as long as there still're blank spots in it. You either gotta fill them with something or just get rid off.

But no worries, I'll take care of that problem for you soon... Then you can show that masterpiece of life to everyone, without me ruining the perfection I could never be a part of.

After I'm out of the way, back in the darkness where I belong... Forever, forever... Forever alone, but still completely fine with it...

'Cause my life was nothing to begin with! How could it, when I was just one of God's mastakes? A wasted, empty shell with nothing to give to the world...


This one I wrote when we were at our cottage this summer... I gotta say this one's pretty angsty, but I just started to think my life a little too much aaand... I was depressed by it a little. But you get a really good point of what's my point of view in life. I'm glad I finally got it into words.)

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