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Note; This's the first chap of the Boarding School, yey!!! This one's NOT going to be one of those depressing and so on kinda things I've been writing up 'till now... Anyways, there're no warnings for this one, since most of it's going to be just a little warm up for the actual storyline or whatsoever... Hope you enjoy!


Chapter one:

 Misspoint Misery (Lesley's POV)

    The morning had been chilly, thought it was still August and the weather should have been warm. The sky was filled with dark gray clouds, mist making it hard to see anything, as we stood on the nearly empty trainstation, waiting for our train. It was going to be a long journey, and I wasn't too good at just sitting still and being patient, so I took in as much of the freash air as I could, prepairing for the long hours. I streched my back, raising my arms up. I relaxed and let out a deep breath, "Hey, Jus. Where were we going again?" I asked, turning around to face a girl. My best friend Justice sat on the bech, reading one of those books of hers. Without raising her eyes from the pages, she answered me, "Ley, you've asked that same question about a million times in the past few hours now. The answer isn't going to change anywhere from that." I just hmphed, crossing my hand over my chest. "Yeah, I know that. I just can't believe that we really're going to travel to God-knows-how-far, only to stay in a school in the middle of nowhere. I mean, what's the point in that?"

    I could see the corner of her lips pull up into a small smile. "You just said the point, school. That place's one of the most famous schools in this country, and the hardest one to get into. You will only be allowed to study there after receiving a special invation by letter. And we did. It'd be, not only rude, but an awful waste too, if we wouldn't go and I've told you that about a hundred times now." I slumbered next to her, "I know, but it just feels stupid. And gosh, isn't it just insane to only invate the students there? Why won't they just use the regular boards to select." She shrugged her shoulders, " I don't know, afterall I'm not in the school council or anything. But it seems to me, after the little back up search I've done, that the students're picked really carefully. Besides, you agreed to go there yourself. There's no backing down now." I pouted at her, not really being able to say anything against that, since I really had said yes. Just then we heard the announcement telling the train was soon to be there, so we stood up and took our luggages, seeing the train faraway, coming closer.

    When we'd got in and settled down, the train took off again. I watched out of the window, seeing the familiar town slip by for the last time, at least for now. I wasn't really going to miss the place or anything, since I'd never liked it there, but going to a whole new place just by the two of us was still a bit scary. I wasn't going to tell that to anyone, thought, they'd say I was a coward or something, which I really wasn't. I just hoped that this wouldn't turn out to be the same as... home. When I say Justice's my best friend ever since our childhood, she's actually my only friend, too. Somehow, I'd never really got along with others my age, they always seemed really distant to me. I didn't know why it was so. But for as long as I can remeber, Jus'd always been by my side, keeping company for me and that's how I'd always liked it. I didn't want things to change from how they were right now.

    About an hour later, when we were traveling through the countryside, the rain finally started. It was hitting hard to the windows, making it harder to see outside. I gazed at the fields and meadows passing by, it was a beautiful scene, the colours were really someting to be noted. The deep, dark gray sky combined with different shades of green and yellow and rain making the whole world outside seem somehow blurry, melting the colours together. How much would I've liked to be outside right now, running through the puddles or just walking around, taking in the heavy, damp air. I totally loved the rain, it was refreshing and listening to it's sound made me feel relaxed. Thought, I'm not going to hear it here, I thought with an inner sighn, leaning back at my seat.

    "What is it, Ley?" Jus's sudden question startled me. "Huh, what do you mean?" She looked up from her book, to my eyes, "You've been sighning for the past ten minutes now. What's the matter?" I just shrugged my shoulders, glancing through the window again, "I don't know. It's just boring, sitting around." She gave me a small, kind smile. "I told you it'd be a long way and would take time. You said you wouldn't need anything to pass it." I pouted at her, "Yes, I did. But... Argh, I don't know, it's just annoying to sit still." I bounced up and down on my seat to prove my word worthy. She just shook her head, going back to her book. Of course she'd prepared to this well, unlike me. But how should I've known it was going to be this boring... Okay, now I'm lying, since I did know I wouldn't be able to sit this throught. But what can I do? I completely forgot to pack something for this... Well, no I'd only have to bear with it, that's all there is to do.

    The hours went by and I was dying to boredom. The weather hadn't changed much, maybe to a bit worse, I suppose. It was also becoming darker, so the lights'd been switched on. We'd eaten the lunches we'd bought, but otherwise we just kept doing the same, meaning Jus reading her book and me gazing out of the window. Every now and the Jus'd tell me how much time there was left, without taking her eyes from the pages. I wondered how she did that, because I never saw her check her wristwatch for once, no matter how hard I tried. Well, knowing her, she could just as well be counting the seconds left in her head... But then again, no, that's be just too weird, even for her. That thought made me smile to myself, Yes, she's definatly the oddest person I've ever met, besides myself of course. What I meant was, she was a brilliant person altogether. I looked at her, deep in thought. She was wearing a white collarshirt with a chocolate brown jersey over it, light blue jeans and brown converses. Her dark hair flowed down, past her shoulders, almost reaching her waist. Her skin was a beautiful cream color, matching perfectly with her deep, dark brown eyes and rose pink lips. Altogether, she looked more like a teenage model than a normal student.

    I felt a little jealous for her, actually, why couldn't I look like that? I had a rought, unruly black hair with a few bright pink and green stripes here and there, which was gathered into two, messy pigtails in a hurry this morning. It looked more like someone'd have exploded a bomp in my hair... My clothes weren't any better; a green top over a white one, a few randomly picked necklaces, black tulleskirt, mitch matching, striped socks and black ballerinas. I was a total mess of clothing, so deifferent from her simple, but stylish outfit. And it wasn't the only thing which made us the polar opposites. Our personalities... She was kind, intelligent and social with a clear ability to lead others to the right things, when I, on the other hand, was that "odd girl out", always being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, I quess I was really lucky to have her as my friend. She was usually the one to stand up for me. Forexample in the class, when I was blamed for something I really hadn't done. She'd alays reason with others, making everything go smoothly, like there was no problem in the beginning. Without her, there would have been a fist fight for sure.

    Somehow, every time I realised just how much effect she had in my life, it also made me really sad. She was really popular, so I felt a bit quilty for trying to take her all to myself. She always said she's that I wasn't doing that, because she wanted to spend her time with me rather than any of the others. But I still couldn't get rid of the idea of a sacrifice. Suddenly, my thoguhts were interrupted by a loud voice echoing in the train. "Misspoint Misery, ladies and gentlemen, this is the last stop. We ask you to exit the train now. Please make sure to take all your belongings with you. This is the last stop..." The announcement continued with a monotne voice. Justice had already packed her stuffs, standing up. "Come on, we need to go now." The corridors were full of people, pushing and stamping on each others foots. It took us a long time to move out, but finally I felt the crowds pressure ease as I got to the platform. I had clutched Jus's arm the whole time, so we wouldn't be separated, finally relasing my death grip now. "You go wait to the bench over there," She said, pointing to the other end of the station, near the exits, "I'll go get the timetables and other stuff. Be back in a minute!" She lost to the crowd, leaving me with two bags and heavy luggeges to be tugged with me.

    Finally I got everything dragged with me and collapsed to the seat. I watched people pass me, talking to their phones, meeting up with their friends and family or running out in a hurry to get somewhere else. Before I hadn't even noticed it, but there was a suprising amount of teenagers and other young people around our age on the station. Most of them were pulling the same kind of heavy-looking luggages as ours, too. Some of them moved in crouds, but there were a few wondering around alone, looking a bit lost at place. Then I pointed Justice approaching me, carrying a few sheets of paper with her. "Okay, I got everything we need, let's go." I stood up, took my luggage and so we set off. When we were almost at the exit, I felt a small yank on my arm. I turned around, "Um, exuse me?" There was a small girl standing behind me, looking really nervous. "What is it?" She looked to be a bit lost at words, cluching the hilt of her bag, "Ah, I was just... I mean, are you going to Gothkin? You looked about the age..." She trailed off, looking at her shoes.

    Justice appeared next to me, smiling comforthingly at the girl, "Yes, we're going there. I suppose you're a new one, too? Are you lost or something?" She gave us a small nod, answering to her smile shyly. She had a sandy blond hair put on two loose braids, a bit tanned skin and green eyes. She was also wearing a red and black printed shirt and black shorts with red shoes. All and all, there wasn't really anything that would have made her stand out in any way. To tell the truth, she looks pretty plain boring, I thought as I listened to her and Jus disquss about something uninteresting, like, did she already have her tickets and so on. She didn't, so they went together to get hers, leaving me with only one more bag to look after. Five minutes later we finally got out from the station, heading to the busstation near by. There were mostly just other students like us, or so I assumed by the looks and ages of theirs. It was still going to be a few minutes before the bus would come, so I set down my bags, streching my arms and back.

    "Um, I forgot to introduce myself before. My name's Mikayla Mallery. I'm thriteen years old and going to start the third grade in Gothkins." She'd acted very formal with us all along, so I wasn't all that suprised when she did a liitle bow in the end of her sentence. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mikayla, but you don't have to be so formal with us. My name's Justice and this is Lesley, and we're both fifteen and will attend the fifth grade." I nodded in greetment when Jus mentioned my name, but stopped halfway, when something clicked in my head, "Hey, if we're all going to start our first year in there, how can we be on different grades? And how can we be on fifth grade on the first year in there?" Mikayla looked a bit bothered again, not knowing what to say, when Justice just stared at me with a raised eyebrow, "Didn't you know? In Gothkins, the grades won't come from the years you've studied, but by your age. The younger you start, the lower grade you'll have. The first years're around the age of eleven, when the oldest students on the eight grade are eighteen. All and all, it's really simple."

    I tilted my head to the side a little, trying to absorb all the new information, "But then, doesn't that mean you could start straight from the eight grade and study there only for one year before graduating?" Justice seemed to think that for a while, before just shrugging her shoulders, "In theory, that is possible. But they won't usually take students who're older than fefteen or sixteen, at most. That's why I said we were pretty lucky to have received those letters." Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow. But that's just stupid. I had to put those thoughts aside, thought, when we saw the bus come. Or more like, the busses, since there were four or five of them coming to the station one after another. Then the chaos started; everyone tried to get their liggages and bags to the trunk and get in, using their elbows to get others out o the way, swearing and yelling at each other when someone stambed on others foot by mistake. But then again, I was doing just the same to get throught the crowd as quickly as possible.

    Fifteen minutes later we were all three sitting inside one of the busses, me and Justice next to each other while Mikayla was one row behind us. "Finally some air to breath again!" I slumbered further down in my seat. Jus on the other hand was starting to get pretty exited, bounching slightly up and down in her seat. "Oh my, this is so great! We're finally getting to the school. I can't wait to see what it is going to be like! There wasn't a single picture from the school inside, just from the front gates and that's it." Then the bus roared into life and we were off agan. I watched out of the window, taking a look at the city for the first time. I'd really wondered about the naming of it when I heard it for the first time. Why would someone want to put the word "misery" to the city's name. But I started to really seen the point for it when I looked around for a while. Maybe it had something to do with the fackt that it was now completely dark, even thought it wasn't even six yet. The clouds were gone, too; the sky was black, with stars shining bright agains it like millions of diamonds. There was also a full moon, shinning it's pale but bright light down to the city.

    The city itself wasn't too friendly-looking, either. There seemed to be a very few streetlamps in there, so the actual light was mostly from the moon itself. For some reason, most of the shops and pubs seemed to be closed, too, or maybe they just weren't opened yet. I couldn't really tell much about our surroundings, since there wasn't even much to see in the end. Somehow, I got a really creepy feeling about the dark city behind the windows, like there was something wrong in there. Maybe I was just tired, but I wanted us to get out of this place as soon as possible, to the school and then to our rooms to get some sleep. "Do you think that Misspoint Misery's a bit... Odd? I mean, it seems kind of... Dead." I turned my head to Justice, who was looking at the two of us with a slightly scared expression. I just nodded, but Mikayla leaned over our seat to talk to us, "I think dead's exactly the right word to descripe it. After we left the station, I haven't seen anyone outside, not a single living thing... It's definatly creeping me out."

    "Well of course there was no one outside, what did you expect, then?" Suddenly, a girl sitting in front of us turned aroun in her seat to face us. She had a pink togue, a black zipper, black shoulder lenght hair and brown eyes looking curiously at us. "What do you mean by that?" Jus asked. She just raised an eyebrow, smiling mockingly at us, "Heh, I can see you're new around here. Everyone knows Misspoint's not a good place to hung around after dark... At least if you don't know how to defend yourself, like most of the tourists. So, not many are stupid enought to be out at this hour." She just talked like it would be a completely normal thing that everyone knows. Well, I assumed from her words that everyone else did know this. I felt a little annoyed for he fackt we really were still just newbies here now, and she seemed to be amused by that. "Why isn't that a good place to be? I mean, I did notice it was dark in there, but that shouldn't be so much of a problem, right?"

    The girl just shook her head, "You wouldn't get that right now even if I'd tell you. You'd just say I'm crazy or something like that. But I hope you take the advise when I tell you to stay away from there as much as possible." All of us just gave her a nod, not really knowing what to say. I think she really might be crazy, I thought as she stared at us, smiling a crooked smile at us. "Oh, and by the way, my name's Emily. Emily Ambler, a fifth grade student. This is my third year here." In that point, Justice was the first one to speak up, "Oh, right. My name's Justice Hayward and these are, my best friend, Lesley," she pointed at me, " we'll be both on the fifth grade, too. And this is Mikayla, a new third grader." Emily greeted all of us, taking a quick glance to the outside, "We're soon at the school. You should all prepeare to it. That place is something to be seen. At least it was to me, when I first came here." After that she hopped back down to her seat, leaving us to look around. We seemed to be driving throught a forest or something similiar to that, according to the fackt I couldn't see anythig than dark trees in every direction. Great, a forest road leading to the school. It's dark, too, like a ghost ride. How much more creepy could it become anymore?

    I got my answer very soon, when the forest was sudenly behind us, giving out a little bit more view to be seen. The scene was breathtaking, just like Emily'd said; dark mountains in front of us and on the right, a few hundred meters away from the road, was a glimmering lake. It's was like thick, black liquid, moonlight refleckting from it's calm surface. And then I saw the school. It was a huge white and gray building, like a castle, build in the root of the mountain, to a place where it was nearest the lake. "Ah, it's so beautiful!" Justice sighned next to me. And she was definatly right, I couldn't disagree with her. It was like one of those fairytale castles, with towers and horn ramparts. I just stared at awe, when we travelled throught the last meadow towards the school.

    "Everyone, welcome to Gothkin!" The announcement rang throught the silent bus.


Okay, so this was the first chapter for the story. I hope everyone liked it and gives comment! And even if you didn't like I hope you'd tell me to the Quest Book why so, or there's some mistakes in the writing (which's highly possible) please inform me for that, too! Thank you!

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