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Chapter two:

Entrance Seremony (Justice's POV)

    "Everyone, welcome to Gothkin!" The announcement rang in the suddenly silenced bus. Everyone seemed to have stopped talking when the school came into view. I could understand that, thought, because my words were stuck in my troat, too. I mean, how could this place actually be a school? It looked more like a king's castle or something! Okay, now that sounded just like someting Lesley would say in this kind of situation, I thought to myself with a chuckle. I glenced to my right, noticing her staring out at awe. Her mouth was hunging slightly open and eyes wide open in exitement. She seemed like a child on Christmas, I could see her trying to avoid bouncing on her seat, a habit I'd also somehow copied from her.

    I watched as we drove in from the wrought black iron gates, with a sighn over it. It said, "Gothkin's Boarding School". Somehow, only reading those words were enought to make butterflies flutter in my stomack. I can't believe I'm finally here! I'd admired this school ever since I first heard of it when I was ten years old, and now I just arrived to it's grounds! I was so happy, but at the moment, more nervous than ever before. For the first time, I had no idea what to expect, no way to prepare to what was ahead. But little did it matter, as I gazed at the grounds. The moonlight lightened the darkness, makng the grass shine silver. Everything around us was taken care of well, threes, bushes, grass and the roads. It was really captivating, a bit scary, but also mysterious, just like the school itself. the grounds inside the gates were enourmous, but that was nothing compared to the school.  The busses stopped in front of the front doors, and we slowly started to get out.

    Once we'd gotten our luggages out of the trunk, I took a good look at the biulding. Most of the other students just rushed inside, not bothering to look around, afterall they'd seen this all before.  But some, who, I assumed were first timers like us, stood in place, staring at the huge castle rising in front of us. It was made from hackneyed, white and gray marble. It reminded me much about the architecture in the Middle Ages. Heh, who knows, this place just might be from that time. "Hurry up inside, everyone, or you'll be late from the entrance seremony!" There was a teacher on the front doors, gesturing us to come on. we grabbed our luggages and tugged them inside. But once I was inside, I froze. This place really is a freaking castle! That was my first thought when I stepped in.

    The hall was huge! It was at least  fifteen meters high, completely made of shining marble. The walls were white with a hint of gray in it, but the floor was deep black, I could even see my own reflection from it. It was beautiful and elegant, which made me feel sllightly out of place. But I quess anyone'd have felt like that here. There were two enourmous staircases on both sides of the hall going to the upper floors and some smaller going down (which I supposed lead underground), all made of the same black marble with white railings. Tall, arched windows with black, thick curtains, dark carpets and artistic paintings, perfectly fitting to the surroundings. And right in front of us was a huge pair of dark,  wooden doors. It looked great in the dim light, really alluring. That's when I noticed there were no electric lights anywhere in sign. About hundred candles, thought, on the tables, walls and silver chandlers, which were hanging high above us.

    "Shit, this place's awesome!" Lesley whispered next to me. Please, please, remember the language, Ley. This's definatly not a best place to swear. She had never really cared much about the manners, but it really needed to be changed now. I could say by the looks, that there wouldn't be allowed bad behavior in here. Luckly I didn't believe I'd have any problems with that, thought. I'd always been an exellent student anyways. I'll just show them my best, so there won't be any trouble. Maybe it'll be transmitted to Ley by time... I sighned at my thoughts, You're daydreaming, Jus.

    "Everyone, please leave your luggages to the left side of the front doors. They shall be taken to your dorms during the entrance seremony!" The same teacher stood in front of the douple doors, giving out orders. She was a middle-aged woman, very tall and dressed into an old-fashioned, deep green velvet dress. She was wearing classes and had her light brown hair skillfully combined to a bun. She definatly looks like someone who can teach in such a school like this, I thought as I squeezed myself towards the place where everyone were dumping their bags to an unordered heap. After that, people slowly started to proceed towards the pair of doors at the other end of the hall. I felt someone tug my hand. I turned around to see Mikayla clutching to my arm with both hands. She really doesn't seem to be too good with other people, huh? Her eyes were slightly widened as the group pressed around us. I grapped her hand and lead the way to Lesley, who was a little ahead of me, forcing her way throught, swearing and using her elbows to push others away. I chuckled, she's like a wild animal... But I quess I don't mind it so much right now. After all, now I don't have to make the way myself.

    We Finally made it inside. It was the dining hall, I assumed, since there were eight long tables in two rows, with white tablecloths and silver settings. The place was about the same hight as the entrance hall, and pretty similiar altogether. The floors were made of the same black marble, with the same kind of white walls. The windows , with the same kind of black curtains, were on the right side of the hall. The silver shandlers were hanging high, but my eyes were fixed to the tables now. We'd made it to a table in the front row's left side. Emily was sitting there, talking with a few other students. She noticed us and waved. "Hey, why don't you come sit here with us?" She patted the seat next to her, "It's really the best, since the places'll be taken incredibly quickly once everyone gets inside... And then the three of you'll be sitting in the farest seats from each other, and probably in the back row, too. Then you won't be seeing anything." Lesley laughted, "Okay, okay. I think everyone got the point. Besides, we were going to sit here anyways, even without any of those reasons."

    I was now sitting on the left side of Emily, with Lesley and Mikayla right next to me. I looked at the other students on Emily's right side, the ones she'd been talking with earlier. They seemed to be older than us by a few years "Oh, I forgot to introduce you guys to each other." Emily'd caught my look. "So, these people're newbies here this year, Justice, Lesley and Mikayla. I met them in the bus," she introduced, gesturing towards us, "And these guys're my best friends in this school; Renee, from the seventh grade," she pointed at the girl next to her. Renee had a sandy brown colored hair, a heart shaped face, gentle smile and a pair of chocolate brown eyes watching us behind glsses. She looked like a really nice person altogether. Emily pointed at the guy sitting next to Renee, "And that's Micoil. He's on the sixth grade now." The guy waved at us from his seat. His messy, somewhat spikey hair was a mix of black, red, brown and maybe a hint of blond. Accept for the bangs, which hung down, almost covering his incredibly-cute-shade-of-bluish-gray eyes. It was kind of odd-looking, but then again it suited him. He was all but one headsplitting smile, his whole being seeming to be ready to explode.

    Heh, definatly reminds me of someone... I wonder if he'd match with Lesley. I mean, he looks just as weird and has that same hyperactive aura in him, I glanced at her to see her expression. And was I suprised or what? Lesley, my dear friend who was always trying to put on that tought act in front of others, was blushing like mad, with her mouth hanging slightly open! It looked so funny to see her like that, I couldn't help, but start to laught, which immedeadly snapped her out of her trance. "Hey, what is it now all of sudden?" Emily asked, curiously taking a look over my shoulder. I just shook my head, unable to say anything. That's when everyone suddenly fell silent in the room. I looked up to see what was going on. I noticed there was another table in the front of the room, turned so it faced all the other tables. I thought that must've been the teacher's table, since the one from the entrance hall was sitting in there with about ten other adults. It seemed like someone's about to start a speach in the front.

    A tall man stood in front of the students, waiting for every last once to be quiet. He had a pair of captivating, deep blue, eyes, which seemed to be able to ook at every one of us at the same time. He had his black hair tied up into a ponytail, which suited very well to his long coat. Thought, I don't see why he's keeping a coat inside... He seems rather young, too. I tugged Emily's arm and whispered, "Who's that person?" She turned her head to me a little, raising an eyebrow, "You don't know? That's the headmaster of the school, Scout Collins. He's the most awesome teacher we've ever had, and he's really young, too. I mean, can you imagine that he's only 28?" i couldn't. It seemed quite impossible for me that someone so young could be a headmaster of this school. He really must be gifted into teaching to have reached such a high position already.

    The headmaster cleared histhroat, "Everyone, welcome to Gothkin!" His voice suprised me somehow. It was clear, strong tenor which echoed in the room. "And now, before I get to start, we'll have the dinner, so you won't have to listen to my nagging with empty stomacks." And then he flashed a smile at us, snapping his fingers in a melodramatic way. There was a sound of the door opening, and everyone turned to look. I was stunned; there were nearly thirty waiters walking in from the douple doors, every one of them pushing an overhelming cart of food. They stopped to the tables and unloaded the goods to the table. I could almost say my mouth watered only from watching them. There were beef, chicken, fish, sausages, vegetables, salads, sauces, potatoes and tens of other things. My stomack crumbled. I hadn't even felt hungry before, but now I just couldn't help myself. When everything was set in the table, the waiters left and we attacked the food. I took everything I could get my hands into and started eating. It was delicious, there was no way around it.

    "Heh, definatly not something you get in a normal school, huh?" I turned my head to see Emily looking at me with that mocking smile on her face. I swallowed, "Definatly not. Those are nothing comapred to this. Do you get to eat like this every day?" She gave a quick laugh, "Yes. We'll have this on breakfast, lunch and dinner... The food changes, but the quality's the same altogether. That should be obvious, thought." She shrugged her shoulders. This is definatly unbelievable, I thought as I finished my second plate of food. Then we moved on to the desserts, which wasn't a dissappointment as for taste. Puddings, cakes, candy, sauces, ice cream, tarts, pastries and so many other things. Sweets after sweets after sweets, I was in heaven. I never want to leave this school, ever again. It took us a good hour to finish, but finally even Lesley'd eaten her last bits of applepie.

    The talking started to get louder. The headmaster stood up, waiting for everyone to calm down. "Now that we're all full and getting comfortable, I'll say a few words about the schoolrules. They can all be read from the dorms notice boards, but I'd like to emphasize some of them particulary. First of all, the woods on the school gounds're forbidden from all students without the supervision of a teacher. And that's something some of the older students should remember, too." He said, accentuating his word in the last sentence. I wonder who he was talking about... That clearly wasn't a mere statement. "Secondly, the allowance to leave the grouns will be permitted only by me. And as for the third, you're to stay in your dorms after the curfew, meaning eight o'clock, sharp, every evening. The ones caught from sneaking out'll be punished severly. And now, off you go, everyone!"

    Once we were dismissed, the chaos came back once again, when everyone rushed out of the doors. There was loud talking, laughing, pushing and falling, causing some swearing here and there. We decided to stay behind a little to avoid the worst congestion. I turned to talk to Renee, who was currently watching people slip by, "Do you know who the headmaster was talking about when he mentioned about the woods?" She just shook her head slightly, "I have no idea. Some of the students like to break rules, thought, so it might've been a warning to them." Someone rushed by me, almost knocking me down. Renee caught my arm before I had time to hit the floor, "Thanks... Is it always like this?" I think she understood what I meant, 'cause she gave out a small, comforting smile. "Most of the time, yes. But that is to be expected when here're so many people, it's unavoidable. But the holidays're an acception. Most of the students go home then, so it's pretty much empty then. It's an odd scene when you get used to this first." That rang the bells in my head.

    "You can stay in the school over the holidays?" She nodded, "Yes. Micoil, Emily and I usually stay here the whole year, over the holidays, until the summer break comes. It's way more easy than going back and forth all the time. And it feels good going home after such a long time. Then you can really enjoy the summer with all your heart." That sounded great. I hadn't really been looking forward to going back the same journey too often. Besides, if the three of them were going to be here, we'd have some company here too, so it wouldn't feel lonely at all. "So, do many students do that? Stay over, I mean." Renee thought about it for a moment, "I don't think so. There're only a few others who stay the whole year like us... Some stay over for some of the shorter breaks, but that's about it." "Hm? You know the others who stay here?" She just shrugged her shoulders, "Not really. When you stay in such a huge place like this with only a few others at times, you really don't bump into them too often." The look in her eyes told me, that she did know them, but didn't want to continue with the subjeckt any further, so I let it drop.

    "Oi, are you going to stand there for the rest of the night,eh? Keep moving!" Lesley was yelling behind us. Someone's getting cranky... Well, that was just like her. Once she was fed and sleepy, anything was enought to annoy her. I couldn't really blame her, thought, 'cause the day'd been long indeed. Even I felt like getting some rest... That's when it hit me. "Um, Renee?" She turned her head a little to show she was listening. "I was just thinking... Where're the dorms?" She looked amused by my question, "There're two dorms here, both in different parts of the school. Which one would you be referring to?" It took me a minute to recall what'd been said in the letter about the dorm, "I think it was supposed to be in the south wing." Emily jumped into the conversation, "That's great! We're in the south wing too! You'll just follow us, we know where to go. This is so awesome, now we'll all be together there!"

    Suddenly I heard Lesley mumble behind me, "Hey, Mikayla, what's wrong?" We turned around to see Mikayla frozen near the doorway. Her mouth gaped open, like she was trying to say something, but no words were coming out. "What is it?" She shook her head, "Are...Are all of you in the east dorm?" Lesley raised an eyebrow, "Sure, why you ask?" "But- but my letter said "North"... Does that mean I'm the only one there?" Renee hurried beside her, placing her hands on Mikaylas shoulders, "We may be in different dorms, but that doesn't mean you're going to be alone. No, we'll see each other on our free time, and I'm sure you'll meet new people in your dorm." Her voice was confident, but soft.

    Mikayla seemed to relax a little, but her eyes were still wide from worry, "But I've no idea how to get there. What if I won't even find my way there? It's going to be so embarresing!" Renee looked into her eyes, "Don't worry, you won't get lost. Just go down from the stairs on the left here, then along the corridor. There's only one door, so go in from that and you'll come to the underground hall. I'm sure you'll find the place by following other's there. They'll all be in the same dorm as you." Mikayla nodded her head slowly, looking like this was a mission rather than just departing to the dorms. I kind of pitied her, thought. It was plain bad luck that she had to be the one in a different dorm from all of us, when she seemed to be the one most nervous about all of this.

    "You remember the route now?" Mikayla nodded her head, leaviing to the opposite direction. I watched her walk down the stairs and dissappear from our sight, "Hm, I kinda feel sorry for her." I was suprised when Lesley talked. Everyone agreed with her. "Well, can't be helped. Let's move on or we're going to miss the curfew... That's not something I want to happen on the first evening, that's for sure." Emily hurried to lead the group. It was true; most of the other students were already gone, just a few others wandering slowly to their dorms in different directions. I didn't want to screw up first thing in here. Better play nicely now, no need to give a bad impression, I thought as we walked up the staircase on the right. Since it seems like it's going to be hell of a school year anyways...


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