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Note: This is the prooque to my newest story, Adorable ladies, which I'll be writing together with my friend, Seni ( I hope everyone comments and tells me their thought's'bout this, so I know if I should cntinue! Hope you'll like it! Thnx!!


Adorable Ladies


    A young author, Shadow Peel, 20 years old, suddenly rose to fame with her novel, "Adorable ladies -What really happened" in the beginning of the year. Her book remained as the number one best-seller for over two months. She published some of her other novels bbefore, but this was finally a huge success. Now what exactly makes it so desired?

    A citation from the book "Adorable ladies -What really happened";

     "I couldn't be completely sure if it really happened, if it was a dream or just a creation of my imagination. The more I searched for this answer, the more there was proof I wasn't mistaken. Have you ever thought, what happened to such people as Lady Jaqueline Hawksworth, the famous Queen of Victorian England, or Rosalyn London, a great scientist of her time, before they became famous? What could have their life been before that?

    People who believed in paranormal experiences. I used to think that they needed to go check up their brains, but I can no longer say that. Now I've had my share of them as well, in the form of time travelling. The experience was so real, but also really confusing. No wonder it's usually hard to descripe it in words, but I'll do my best. It took me a lot of time to sort things out, to understand what'd really happened and what I'd just seen.

    And now, I want to tell others what I experienced. Because I know things that were never written to the books of our history. I know things that happened secretly, behind the scenes. What really happened."

    -"You may think it as a trick, just like I did, but now I'll tell you just how wrong you are. Because in the end, we understand very little of our world..."


    The story can be somehow comlicated to understand once I really get to write it more, but I hope you'll survive with it. It moves between today and Victorian England, which's quite difficult all by itself. Anyways, there won't be much more'bout the actual storyline now/yet (don't want to ruing the fun now, don't we?)

    It has some similiar parts to the Boarding School, meaning the characters're made by using the basic things from my own friends personalities. But no more'bout that... I quess that's what I'm supposed to say.

    (Forexample: If you've read both of these, then you might soon notice that both  Lady Jaqueline Hawksworth and Justice Hayward've similiar personalities under the surface... Hm, and the names're pretty close to each other, too. That's maybe 'cause they're based on the same friend of mine... Just try to quess what kind of person she's in real life, heh...)


Okay, so here it is. I hope you liked it, but even if you didn't, please give your comment to the Guest Book, thankyouverymuch!!

(P.S. This might still change a little... It's a bit sucky at the moment, but I'll fix it when I know how to express this beginning better. I just didn't seem to find the right words for it now... So sorry!)

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