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Note: Wow, I'm writing the third chapter to this, I can't believe it (never would've believed I'd make it this far, actually). I'm so proud of myself, 'cause usually my stories stop when I'm just too lazy to continue them... But now, to the story, shall we?


Chapter three:

Changed Attidude (Lesley's POV)

    I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomack when we walked up the staircase, towards the east dorms. This was the part I'd looked most forward to in the whole school! I'd always wanted to be able to sleep at the school, withought needing to leave the grounds all the time. It'd be so exiting! I felt like jumping and running around from the exitement, but kept it in just barely. I knew Justice wanted to make a good impression to the others on our first day in here, and I wanted to respect her thoughts. Even so, she could still relax a little about this... I mean, what's the matter? We're already in, so there won't be anything to worry'bout now. Of course we can be expelled, but that won't be happening anytime soon if it depends on her... I'll be a completely different story.

    We walked throught a long corridor, somehow identical to the halls. Not too fond to colors, now are they?  I thought as I stares at the paintings, statues and few armors slipping by. "How big is this place, actually?" I sighned. Justice, forever interested in boring, little things like the size of the school... "Well, I don't know exactly sure, but you can draw your conclusion from the fackt that here lives fourhundred and twenty students or so, and twenty teachers and everyone fits in just nicely. Here'd be room for even more. So I think you could say it's pretty big." Sheesh, ans she's saying it with a straight face like that... "You'll adjust to it, don't worry." I turned my head to see Micoil walk next to m... Oh. My. Gosh!! He's right next to me! So- so close... I can't believe it! He looked even more handsome this close. My heart was beating like bird's wings in my chest. I couldn't help but let my eyes wonder up and down on him. He had that awesome black hair with blond, brown and maybe some sort of reddish stripes that was carefully styled to look somehow windblown (way better than my messy pigtails). He also had those beautiful eyes that seemed to be able to bore right into my soul. Okay, that sounded really cheesy, Ley...

    "So, what do you think of Micoil?" I jumped almost a foot in the air when Justice whispered to my ear. "Wha- what do you mean by that?" My voice was shaky for some reason, making me blush slightly. She just shrugged her shoulders like nothing, but that knowing grin on her face gave her away, "Nothing, just esked. I mean, it's quite nice to have a guy in the group, right?" I just nodded my head a bit nervously, "Yeah, you're right." "So then, what do you thinkl he's like?" I tried to swallow the lump that'd suddenly rose to my throat, "W- well, I think he's nice... And kind... And..." "Handsome?" Justeice added. I blushed crimson on that. "Heh, I can see right through you... Thought, that's pretty clear for everyone to see, may I tell you." I shook my head, feeling annoyed again, "Can't you just shut up for once, Jus? I really don't want to talk about this now..." She just brushed it away with her hand, "Sorry, Ley, but it's just soo cute to see you like this. You remember that one time on our third grade when you..." I lowered my head in defeat as she went on, going throught all of my crushes and failed relationships (which was a long list, may I add). Suddenly all my interest in having a conversation with her was gone for some unknown reason. Why can't we already be at the dorms...

    It seemed to take forever to get to the dorms. There were so many corridors I couldn't keep count of them. And twise we ended up in a huge place filled with staircases, all leading to different directions, going up and up for what seemed like forever. I'd stared in awe, gawking at the scene above me for several minutes. Yeah, defiantly not an original school... Hell, this place isn't even an original castle. Nothing can be this huge, really, it's too unreal! About ten minutes later, after climping four f**king long staircases and travelling throught eight corridors or so, Renee finally stopped when we arrived to another room. It was high, like the rest of the school, but not as big as the halls I'd seen before. The walls were covered with old paintings, candelabrums, bookshelves and a few armors in the faraway corner. The colors were no better than elsewhere, thought there were some comfty-looking couches and a fireplace that gave a nice warm look to it. There were two other staircases on both sides of the room, leading to... Somewhere? Duh, how should I know where they'll go? I didn't really care either, I was too tired for that now. I just wanted to get into our dorms and grap some z's for a change.

    Renee turned to us, "Okay, so this is our dorm's `livingroom´ area. We're allowed to spend our spare time here and after the curfew we only have to be in the dorms, not in the bed so staying here's allowed even after that. You'll find the boys dorm from the left staicase and the girls from the right. our bags've been brought here already, so..." That was the point where I sneaked off to the right side staircase, leaving the others to hear her explanation further. I noticed they went up as a spiral. Okay, so is there some sort of logical way to find my room? I arrived to the first landing. There was only one door, which said; First-Graders, in silver letters. We're here for the first year, but didn't they say that we'd be with others our age... So, that'd make us... What, fifth-graders? I think so... I climped higher, passing the second-, third- and fourth-graders dorms, before finally stopping in front of the door with Fifth-Graders written in it. I leaned down for a while to catch my breath. There're too many stairs in this school... Way too many.

    I stood there, with my hand placed on the doorknob, butterflies fluttering in my stomack, much worse than before. I took a deep breth and opened it. The door creaked a little when I poked my head in, taking a slow glance around. It seemed like there was some sort of really short corridor, with only five doors. I stepped in. There seemed to be something written in those doors, too. I took a closer look. There were two names in those same silver letters as everywhere else, forming two completely unfamiliar names. I quess they're other fifth-garders... My name must be in one of them... I really hope I'll be in the same room with Jus, since these all seem to be douple rooms... The second wasn't a match either and neither did the third. I felt my heart jump a little, when on the fourth room read; Lesley Garrison and under it, Justice Hayward. I sighned in relief, opening the dorm to our bedroom.

    My jaw dropped (literally, I must've looked like an idiot standing there, gawking like a fish). I've stepped into a fairytale... And that was the truth. Considering the looks of the other parts of the school, I should've expected something like this. I just didn't seemed to have thought about this before. And now, here I was standing, in the doorframe of my (and Justice's, too) new bedroom. It was a high room... A huge room. The wall in front of me was basically consisted of one huge window with thick black curtains on each side. The floor was a fitted dark brown carpet and the walls were dark wooden panel. On both sides of the room there were canopy beds, made of dark mahogany with the same kind of black covers as the curtains. There were small nightstands next to the bed and tall wardropes, all made of the same wood as the beds. As I glanced at my right, there was a big writing desk, booshelf and a comftarable-looking chair.

    I finally got some movement to my legs, walking to the middle of the room. It's so beautiful... But thought it was that, there was something really familiar there. Somehow, I could say it felt homey. There was one more door on the left side of the room. I skipped there and slowly pulled it open... And I was taken by suprise, again. It was the bathroom, like one of those you can have in hotel's suites. The walls and roof were painted pure white, the floor was made of marble with a few red carpets. There was a stall, a huge white bathtub, a toilet, a long white marble desk with two sinks, a large mirror and some dark wooden cabinets with ppiles of soft-looking towels. Then there was candles. Lots of candles. I could just imagine myself spending hours in the tub. This's almost too good to be true...

    I got back to the bedroom and took a look at the wardropes. My eyes almost popped out od their sockets. It was filled with clothes that I knew belonged to Jus! I ran to the other wardrope. My clothes were put there, neatly and carefully in order. What the heck? Who the hell gave the permission to do this? After searching the room some more, I jumped to the bed which I'd assumed to be mine, considering that Justice's books were on the other nightstand and my stuffed animals (yes, I'm fifteen and still sleep with them, so what? Have a problem with that?) were placed to sit on this one. I rolled over to my stomack and grapped my bunny. "Can you believe we're really here? This's so great... Like a dream..." I wasn't intending to fall asleep like that, but the next thing I knew was, when I heard Justice talk to me, "C'mon, Ley. Wake up! You can't sleep yet. You're fully dressed and I doupt you've even brushed your teeth. Now get up!" I turned to my side, hugging my bunny closer to my chest, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, mom..." She rolled her eyes and pushed me out of the bed (you can't believe how much strenght she actually has... Ouch).

    I dragged myself to the toilet once more, where I found my toothbrush. After the most neccesary things, I slumbered back to the bed, now in my pyjamas, to fall asleep in a few seconds. But before that could happen, Justice started talking again, "I'm going to put the alarm, so we'll be in time for breakfast, is that okay?" I was too tired to answer anymore, so I just mumbled something I was sure she didn't understand. I could imagine her smiling when she continued, "The breakfast'll be at 7:45 and the classes'll start at 8:15..." The rest I didn't hear anymore. But just before I slipped to dreaming, I heard her, "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything." I smiled to myself, Of course you do, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with myself... After that I was off.

    The next morning, I woke up to some uninvited pain. After falling off the bed... Not so nice. Well. anyways, I got up quickly and glanced at the clock. Just then Justice came out of the bathroom, "Finally you're up, sleepyhead. I was already wondering if I should just kick you out of the bed." I glared at her, rubbing my sore butt, "Why didn't you put an alarm or something, then?" She raised an eyebrow at me, "I did. Didn't you hear it?" I glared at her even more, shaking my head. She smiled that oh-I'm-so-clever-miss-know-it-all smile of hers. I felt my cheecks burn, why always me? "Well, if you're now awake enought to listen, Ill tell you to hurry up. We're supposed to be at the breakfast in fifteen minutes." I stared, horrified, at her, "Why the heck didn't you wake me up earlier?!" and rushed to the bathroom.

    I looked at myself from the mirror. Tradic, was all I could think of. My hair was a total mess (more than usual, I mean) and there were bruise-like purple bags under my eyes. Other than that, I looked like a zombie (how nice, I'd always like those... Not!!)... I sighned and grapped the comp from the table, struggling to get my hair in order. After a few minutes I gave up and just tied it up to a loose ponytail (there was nothing else I could do to it, trust me). Then I added some make up (putting some foundation cream to cover the purple parts) and ran back to the room to change clothes. Justice was standing in there, already fully clothed, with a pile of clothes in her hand, "Take those off." I followed her order and slipped out of my pyjamas. Then she handed me the clothes.

    I noticed it was my uniform, the same she was wearing already (we'd already tried them on once before at home and I'd totally fell in love with it). I buttoned the white collarshirt, tied my blue ribbon and slipped  on the white jacket with gray decorations and the school's sign on the chest (a silver crown, that is), quickly putting on the black pleatskirt. Then Jus handed me the black socks, but I pushed them aside and hurried to my wardrope. I took out my favourite pair of knee-high socks, with emerald green and black stripes (doesn't it sound awesome?), and rushed to get my black combatboots (since the shoes didn't really matter). I stood up just in time to catch my schoolback (Yep, Jus's good at throwing things), then we headed out.

    By the time we got to the dorm's livingroom, everyone else was sitting there already, waiting for us. "Good morning, Lesley. I can see Justice managed to get some movement into you." Renee nodded with a small smile on her face. I felt myself blush for the comment, "Yeah, she did." "Well, I quess we can leave Lesley alone now and head for breakfast, please? I'm starving here!" Micoil was waving his hands at the door, obviously in a hurry. Emily slipped past me and literally kicked him out of the door, "Well, go ahead and run, you lazyass!" We followed behind them as they raced throught the corridors (I was tagging with the others only 'cause otherwise I'd have been lost in less than ten seconds). It took some time to get back to the main parts of the school, aka etrance hall (and even now I still didn't remember the way). Micoil and Emily were sitting next the dining hall's door, both breathing heavily after all that running. "Sheesh, someone's got to remind me not to do that with an empty stomack..." Micoil whined in a very girly manner as we walked in.

    The place looked quite empty, compared to the last evening at least. There weren't many students, or teachers, in the room, maybe about thirty or so, wandering around, eating or just chatting fr lack of anything better to do. The setting in the tables was somehow different. The plates were the same kind as the night before, only the tablecloth seemed to be missing. It was much lighter there, too (well, no wonder since it was morning now) which made the room seem even bigger, lifting the athmosphere quite nicely. We sat down to the same table as last night. The food was already set on the table and I took a quick look of what was served for us there. Eggs, bacon, sausages, bread, salads, cereals,  youghurt, muesli, porridge, waffles, pancakes, muffins, coffee, tea, juice, water, so on, so on... Well, can't say there wouldn't be enought of food at least. But now, what to take?

    In the end I settled to a bowl of cereals, one big chocolate muffin and a cup od rasberry tea (can you believe it, they even'd my favourite flavour there?). It was nice, just sitting there, listening and watching everyone chat happily (no matter if Jus said I couldn't sit still for five seconds). It was quite amusing to see how Emily suddenly started to doze in the table, leaning to her elbow. Quess how that ended? That's right, she fell asleep, her face landing to her porridge (how cliche... But that sure woke her up quickly). On the other end of the table, Micoil was having an eating contest with one of his friends, a guy I hadn't seen before. That wasn't something I'd usually like, but since it was Micoil... I mean, he was so damn handsome, even while doing something like that. A perfect mix of a cute and handsome guy. A dream boyfriend... Shit, get a hold of yourself, Ley! You sound like one of those cheesy girfriends in those tv-series... Yuck! I shook my head, trying to consentrade to something else. Next to me Justice was discussing with Renee about the classes and subjects (I refuse to listen to that, exspecially when I don't understand anything anyways!). So, in the end I just decided to eat my food in peace.

    As I enjoyed the last bites of my delicious muffin, something popped up in my mind. Where's Mikayla? Shouldn't she be here too by now? I wanted to see her to know if she had found to her dorm and was okay. I thought she was really nice (a bit too shy, but nice anyways) and I really wanted to be her friend. I had hoped that, even thought we were in different dorms, I'd be able to see her here or maybe share some classes together. I turned to Justice and Renee, "Hey, have you seen Mikayla yet?" Justice just shook her head, while Renee shrugged her shoulders a bit, "I haven't seen her yet. But I'm pretty sure she'll come to see us when she arrives, don't worry." I left them back to their conversation, raising my head to look around the room for someone familiar. And then, I think I found her.

    She was standing on the other side of the hall, talking to a small group of people with her face turned away from me. I couldn't be quite sure, but it looked like her. She was wearing the same kind of uniform as everyone else. Black knee-high socks, pleatskirt, white collarshirt and a tie. Her sandy blond hair was tied to loose pigtails (how cute). But there was something off in that picture. I couldn't quite point out what, but firstly the group she was talking to seemed to radiate some sort of aura. One guy sitting there suddently looked straight at me, then turned to say something to Mikayla with an odd expression. What the h-? Then, her eyes flashed at me for a second and I couldn't help but cringe at the dark look in them. Hatred, deep and powerful... Only if looks could kill. It was like she'd have been looking at her arcenemy rather than a friend. Then she turned around and sat down to the table on the other side of the didning hall. After that she didn't even glance at us anymore. I was shocked.

    What did I do to deserve that?


Hehheh, finally got this done!! It ended up a bit longer than the other two (I think), but I hope it''s not too long to be boring 'cause of that...

Anyways, if you liked it, comment, thank you! Suprised at the end of it? Hope so, some exitement to it...  Aand now, what's gong to happen in the next chap, eh? *tilst head*

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