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Note: Okay, so this is kind of a test... I'll put at least the fist chap here, and cmments'll tell if I should keep writing it or not. So they're needed, than you!


Chapter one:

Peacefull Mornings (Vera's POV)

    The light shined throught my eyelids. I turned around in my bed, pulling a pillow over my head. I knew very well that I should be get up and start prepairing my mistress's breakfast, but sometimes I really wished I could just stay in the bed for a little longer. Anyways, it was my duty to wake the mistress and make sure she had everything she needed for the day. So I rolled over, slipping down from the bed and fell to the floor on my butt. Ouch! I forgot I still had that bruise there from falling down the stairs yesterday. Well, now I had an ache there as a reminder. No forgetting it anymore.

    I pulled my simple black dress over my head, then the white apron. As for the last I placed on the headress, taking a quick glance at myself from the mirror; no difference from what I always looked.  Good. My appearance was simple, but not all that plain, thanks mostly to my flaming red hair. It was naturally like that, odd color I mean. I had always wondered where I'd gotten it. The black maid's dress only made it stand out even more. Otherwise than that, I was naturally pale, with blue eyes. And dimples. A lot of dimples. I didn't like them, but neither could I really do anything to make them dissappear. So I let it drop. As I mentioned before, I had always wondered where I'd gotten such a weird looks. I never really knew my parents. They passed away when I was four, so I really didn't remember much of about them. When I was suddenly left alone, my mistress, Lady Jaqueline Hawksworth, kindly took me in. After that I'd worked for her as her maid. And I was happy with my life like that.

    I opened the door and walked down the corridor to the stairs. From there I got to the kitchen. And now for the breakfast... Maybe I can even get it together without braking anything, slicing up my hands or burning the toast... Again. I sighned, Yes, Vera Knody, the biggest bungler ever. Can't seem to get anything right, ever... Luckily Lady Jaqueline's a kind person and lets me stay here even after all those accidents. I was trained to be a maid for her, but the truth was; I screwed up more often than succeeded in something. No matter the task, I always found a way to mess things up. Just last week I'd smashed twelve plates, eight teacups and two kettles. Besides that, I lost one of mistress's favourite dresses, dropped an armor in the hallway and destroyed an expensive painting (don't ask how that happened, please). All and all, I was a walking disaster, there was no way around it.

    I put the kettle on the stove and started with my morning duties. After half an hour, I'd finally gathered two slices of bread with some vegetables, some fruits and a kettle of hot tea with mistress's favourite teacup on a silver tray. I just hope I'll get everything upstairs without any trouble. I took the tray and pushed the door open. The journey always seemed so much longer when I had that tray in my hands. I walked throught the dining hall, then a corridor, entrance hall, up the stairs, another corridor, throught the salon and finally the last corridor, always consentrading carefully not to fall over. And finally, I was standing in front of my mistress's bedroom. I took a deep breath, knocked to the door twise and backed into the room.

    It was quite dark inside, the thick curtains were tightly shut, just the way I'd put them last evening. I lowered the tray to the nightstand and went to open them up. The light was bright, forcing me to turn my back to it. "Good morning, M'lady! It's time to wake up." I hurried beside the bed, taking the tray into my hands once again. Lady Jaqueline sat up in her king sized canopy bed, watching me with her deep, dark brown eyes. "It's not your place to say when it's time for me to wake up, Vera." Her voice was scolding me, but eyes held that soft look that told me the mistake was immedeadly forgiven, "I'm sorry, M'lady. I'll remember that from now on." She gave me a small, amused smile, "I can see you managed to take my breakfast here this morning. Anything broken?" I shook my head, feeling a bit proud of myself from her compliment, "No, M'lady." "I see."

    I placed the tray on her lap, pouring the tea to the cup. Then I stood still, watching as my mistress ate. She was really te most beautiful person I'd ever met, even like this without her jewelries and dresses and perfectly made hair. Her long, dark brown hair hang loose, reaching her waist, glistening in the morning light. She had a smooth, cream colored skin and dark eyelashes framing her big eyes. She was an amaizing person. Besides being beautiful, she also had that confident and strong aura coming from her, making the men kneel in front of her where ever she went. I'd always been a little jealous of her somewhere inside of me, but it didn't really matter. Afterall, she'd chosen me as her personal maid, even thought she could've had anyone in this country. She had so much authority, even amongst the high positioned men. Everyone knew Lady Jaqueline Hawkworth and appreciated her.

   "What do i have in my scedule for today?" Once she'd eaten her fill, I took the tray again, "No, M'Lady. The meeting with the baron's been rearranged to next week, mainly because the baron's busy right now." My mistress shook her head in dissapprovement, "That's the third time now. That man's never had enought manners to stay behind his promises, no matter how small they are. Some are just too self centered..." I silently agreed in my mind with her. To say the least, I disliked the baron as a person, but that wasn't something I was supposed to say aloud. "But I think there might be something else for today, M'lady." She raised her eyebrow slightly, "What might that be?" "A letter arrived last evening. It was from your brother." Lady Jaqueline's older brother was a great man, busy with his work, and my Mistress hadn't seen him for years. It wasn't a suprise that her eyes brightened at the mention of her brother, "Yes, how's my dear brother doing?" I pulled the letter out of the pocket of my apron, from where I'd put it last evening, giving it to her.

    She read the letter carefully, eyes widening slightly the longer she looked at it, "I can't believe he didn't ask me first. Hasn't he been thought anything? This's ridiculous, not even giving me any tme for preparations. Should be coming today already..." She was in deep in her thoughts, a hand placed under her chin, narrowed eyes scanning the paper in her hand. I couldn't help but open my mouth by now, since it seemed to be something I may need to be aware of, "Excuse me, M'Lady. What's making you so upset?" She slightly raised her head, dark brown eyes nailed on me, "Nothing's making me upset, Vera. My brother's just taking his actions too quickly, as usual. I quess I should've expacted this of him. He's never been the most thoughtful, no matter how others may see him." I still didn't understand what she was talking abut, "I still don't understand what you're meaning." "What I'm meaning is, that we need to be prepared to have a guest for dinner today."

    Ten minutes later I hurried down the stairs to the kitchen. Lady Jaqueline'd explained to me what'd been in the letter she'd got. It said her brother was going to send his daughter, Miss Marissa Hawksworth, to live with her aunt, so she could be trained to be a prober lady. Well, I quess it shouldn't be such a miracle. Afterall, any youngg lady'd want to be personally trained by my mistress... I'd last seen the young miss when she was in the age of eleven. She'd been a beautiful little girl, cute as a doll. I wasn't sure where that came from, but somehow she was just like my dear mistress, but at the same time completely the opposite. If I remembered correctly, she was now in the age of seventeen, being a year younger than myself. I was exited to see her again, she was like the sun, giving the same kind of encouraging and kind aura as her aunt. I'd absolutely no doupt the years'd made her only so much more beautiful. What'd been a bit of a suprise to me was, that she was supposed to arrive here this evening. And if that was to be true, I was left with only one question. What should I make for dinner?

   I ended up going to ask for some helping advices from the other worker of this mansion. It might sound funny, but here really was only two servants here, me and mister James Morrington, the butler. Thought he was only twenty seven, he'd already mastered, besides in his normal duties as a butler, incredible cooking skills, gardening, horse riding, three different instruments and perfect gentlemen's manners. You really wouldn't have believed he was only a servant, since he could sometimes act way more mature than some of those highly positioned men that visited this mansion every now and then. I barely survived throught my own tasks, witch were pitifully small compared to his. And even then he always had everything done and ready in time, looking completely relaxed and even helping me out sometimes. To tell the truth, he was our everything.

    I knocked to James's bedroom's door, wondering if he was in. He could've already left to the garden or somewhere else he was supposed to be. But then I heard a "Come in." and pushed the door open. "Ah, good morning, miss Knody. You look as lovely as always." I blushed at the comment, why does he have to be so... so... Something. He was standing in front of a mirror, straightening his clothes. His shining black hair was comped back as usual, making him have that laid back look in him. He was undouptedly handsome and looked somehow even younger than what he was. Not like he'd have been old or anything, definalty not...  I pushed those thoughts aside, consentrading on my actual reason to be here. "Um, I was wondering if... You see... Because today..." The words were stuck in my throat, making him raise a questioning eyebrow, "Is there something new I should be awere of?" I took a deep breath and nodded. He gave me a small smile, making me blush once again. This's so embarressing... "Then, what might that be, may I ask?" I didn't trust my voice, so I just blurded out one name, "Marissa."

    In a good ten minutes I got my point explained to James. He promised to help me take care of the dinner after he'd be done with everything else. I felt somehow bad for making him do even that for me, when I left his room. I walked back to my mistress's bedroom, to help her with dressing up. When I arrived, she was still sitting in her bed, waiting for me to pick up a dress for her, while still reading the letter. That must've been quite a suprise for her, I suppose... I went to her walk-in closet (which was huge, may I add), wondering what she'd like to wear for today. Since there're no formal appointments for today, it can be something casual... Something simple... But not too simple, she doesn't like that. Maybe something green. Green's her favourite colour. yes, green and simple it shall be... I wonder where's that one dress... I searched throught the closet untill I pulled a normal forest green velvet dress. then I found a pair of socks and shoes to match with it, a long petticoat and corset.

    Then I took all of the clothes to the bedroom, setting them to the bed. "Well then, what have you chosen for me today, Vera?" "Since you'll most likely be staying at home today, M'Lady, I've picked you the dark green velvet dress, one of your own favourites." Lady Jaqueline smiled, "Yes, how lovely. I was hoping to have something green for today. If theres one quality in you, Vera, that never fails, it's definalty your taste in choosing clothes." I blushed for the third time that day. I felt so proud of myself. This was my favourite everyday duty, since I really loved my mistress dresses, there were so many of them. Dark and bright, heavy and hovering, simple and elaborate ones. It was such an honour for me to be able to choose the clothes she'd be wearing for day. And the fackt that she actually thought I was good at it. I quicly started helping her take her nightdress off and get the underdress and everything else on place.

    It took a good half an hour for me to get her dress on, but finally she was standing in front of me, fully clothed and stunningly beautiful. The green emphasized her dark, curly hair and pale skin. Sometimes I felt like crying when I looked at her. It was so unfair someone could be so perfect. But then again, I quess that's why Lady Jaqueline was the way she was. I followed her to the other side of the room, where she sat to the chair. There was a dark mahogany table with many boxes and bottles, and a big mirror. I started to comp her hair. It was smooth as silk, I could've continued doing this for hours and not get tired at all. I comped her hair up and pinned it there with some hairpins. There it fell down naturally, framing her face. Then I moved on to the boxes, filled with hundreds of jewels. I chose a neclace made of white pearls and a big green stone in the middle of it. Once it was on place, my mistress was ready and we left the room.

       As for the rest of the day, I stumpled around the house, trying to get everything done in time. Lady Jaqueline insisted we cleaned up the mansion for Marissa's possible arrival this evening, so I was drowning to work all of sudden. James flashed me an encouraging smile a few times when we passed eache other in the corridors, before dissappearing to somewhere else. Luckily for me, and everyone else, I wasn't as glumsy as usually, so I didn't have so much to clean up afterwards. And finally, when the clock was half six, I was starting up with the dinner, which should be served a quarder over six, sharp. And James was helping me, as he promised, even thought his worklist must've been twise as long as mine.

    Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. "James, would you go open the door?" I called out to the hall. He walked down the stairs and opened the door. And standing there, on the doorframe with a suitcase next to her, was our young lady.


Sheesh, finally it's done! It took me forever to finish this... But I hope everyone'll read this and comment, whether you liked it or not. Thank you!

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