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Note; I've no idea what to say'bout this... Well, what happens when I let you've a peek in my head? This story was created while I was having one of my "clicks". It'll haunt my thought 'till I write it out, believe me...


Shadow's Life


    There's a little creepy house in a crepy little place. Little creepy town and a little creepy world. Little creepy girl with her little creepy face, saying funny things that you have never heard...

    Do you know what it's all about? Are you brave enought to figure out? Know that you could set the world on fire, if you're brave enought to leave your doupts.*

    Moving to a completely strange city wasn't such a big deal, he could handle it. He never really liked it in the old place anyways. Having to live under the same roof with the rest of the clan wasn't a problem either, after all the house was big and he'd still have his own room in there. But what he couldn't handle was the fackt, that for the next month or so, he'd be awaken in the middle of the night only to hear those footsteps running away from him in the hallway. And those voices... How was he supposed to know the place was- Wait, what did they say? Why was he never informed about this before they moved in?

    Next time, remember to look out... You never know what you might get yourself involved to. And once you enter the game, there isn't easy way out anymore... They won't let you leave like that, never. You must stop them at any cost. But how'll you do it, may I ask?

    That little creepy girl, oh, she loves to sing. She will go and set the world on fire, no one ever thought she could do that...*


There'll be more to the prologue, but right now I didn't've ideas how to put it into word. So the uptades'll be coming sometime!


*Parts from the song Walking on Air by Kerli. (check it out, it's awesome!)

'Kay, so I put those lyric parts there, 'cause when I first heard them, it gave me the inspiration to finally start working on this story. It's been in progress for years, but I've never really gotten it to the point where I could upload it somewhere to be seen. And yes, the music video of the song works perfectly for the story, so you get a small hint by checking it out of what's going to be/happen in this story... I love the characters very deeply. Hope you'll like it (and then some comments, plz)!

Thank you, kind sirs, you've made me what I am today. A bundle of broken nerves, a mouth full of words I'm still afraid to say...

I'm not even legal, I'm just a dead little girl. But ruffles and laces, and candy sweet faces directed your furtive hand, I perfectly understand. So it's my fault...

You should be killed by an army of little girls... -Gothic Lolita by Emilie Autumn...

(These words're just picked from the song, so they're not in order in any way!)

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