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So, here'll be all the stories with more than one chap in them. More might be coming when time goes on and the uptade'll be shown on the Front Page and somewhere'round here, depending on what kind of story it'll be. Thank you!


Longer Stories (author's description)

Right now it includes:

Adorable Ladies (proloque, 1st chap: Peacefull Mornings, 2nd chap: Lovely Suprise's been uploaded, 3rd chap: Unexpected Turns coming soon...)

Boarding School (proloque, 1st chap: Misspoint Misery, 2nd chap: Entrance Seremony, 3rd chap: Changed Attidude, 4th chap: Dangerous Classes, 5th chap: Little Nervous, 6th chap: Dreaming Nightmares, 7th chap: Differences Between coming soon!)

False Kingdom (proloque, 1st chap: Life Sucks uploaded, 2nd chap coming...)

Grave Island (proloque, 1st chap: Daylight coming soon...)

Other Drabbles - This isn't a story, but yet another file, which now includes a bit different stories. Since these four other stories're based on my friends, the ones in this file're completely and fully of my own invention. I'll explain more in the file, thank you!


Note: If there's any need for any warnings in the stories, they'll be in the beginning before you start the reading, thankyousoveryverymuch!

And then again, I might as well tell you that there's a chance that I'm not going to continue all of the stories ('cause there're so many of them there and I've a very little time to spend working on this site) or some'll be put on hold for time being, so the comments're needed that I know to write the correct chapters to the stories you want to read more of!

I also've a slight problem of not knowing what to put in next to the chaps, so if you've some sorta imagine of how you'd want for the story to continue, ideas're more than welcomed (write to Guest Book in a private message and I'll see what I can do to progress with your wishes, thnx!)... 

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