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Note: This's my newest story, thought the storyline's been created at least half a year ago. I'm just putting it here to see if anyone'd be interested to read it. Hope you'll comment and tell if you liked or not, so I can make it better if possible, thnx!

And then the warnings; Thought most of my longer stories've now been more lighter than what I usually write, this one's going to be a big difference. This one contains boyxboy -love (suprise, suprise), blood and murders, heh. So, enjoy! (there might be something more added later here)


Graveyard Lover


    He looked me in the eyes, blood red meeting the royal blue. I felt mesmerized by them, by that deep, dangerous color that somehow attracted me. I couldn't turn my eyes away, but neither did I want to. His eyes shoved me the need, the lust that haunted him, as he spoke to me in a slow, calculaiting tone, thinking carefully his every word; "They'll hunt you forever, weapons ready to strike at any sighn of weakness. Your every moment'll be spent running, hiding from those who cannot open their eyes for the reality. You need to be strong, both physically and mentally. You can't give up, ever."

    He leaned closer, just like before, making me hold my breath. His lips pulled to a small, evil smirk, the same he had on the night we met, as he whispered to my ear; "I might be good at restraining myself, but once I get loose... They'll never beat me, now that I've gotten my hands on someone like you."  I felt his cold breath on my skin, icy lips on my neck. And suddenly, I was afraid.

    Midnight Town wasn't a city normal people could live in. It didn't look like anything too out of ordinady, accept for the everlasting darkness and constant rain. Still, in the middle of all that, life was pretty boring. Nothing happened. Days just passed, slowly but surely. Still, Lavey enjoyed it there, in that small world of his. He never cared about the rumors and warnings given to him. Afterall, nothing had ever happened to him, so why should he care? Besides, if someone was stupid enought to try attacking him, they'd be the ones getting screwed. That is what he'd always thought, but he forgot something... There's that one exception that confirms the rule.


Oh, and then Imight as well tell you that the proloque might still change a bit!


Okay, so here it is, the proloque to the Graveyard Lover... Heh, I think you can already quess what kind of story this'll be... That's right, fantasy! Anyways, now it's "see you later" and I hope you'll read forward when there's more to be read! P.S. Comments're required as always...

... Then I'll also tell you that the Graveyard Lover and Shadowlife're both taking place in this same city, Midnight Town. I don't know exactly how that happened, but no matter, it'll do... Kinda like having two stories from the same place, different points of view... And the stories're not all that close to each other, just telling you...

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