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This page isn't really neccesary or anything, but I just needed something to do and this's what I came up with... So, some random information'bout me, Raven.

Name: Raven (that's not my real name, but I've seriously considered changing it to that for quite some time now... Trouble'd be nice, too, but since it's a guy's name it can't be helped).

Gender: Well, I think the earlier part was enought to make sure that, yes, I'm a girl.

Date Of Birth/Age: I've born 21st of September, 1993. And you can probably count from that I'm currently 16 years old.

Height/weight: I'm not exactly sure of these, but I'm around 170 cm tall and, well... I quess currently I weight something like 52 kg (that changes a lot, believe me). And besides, usually you aren't supposed to ask a girl's weight 'cause that's just rude...

Outfit: So, I've black hair, bluish grey eyes (thought I'd like to've black contact lenses to hide them) and pale, maybe a bit yellowish, skin. Most of my friend say I look like a boy, even if I usually use strong black eye make-up and black clothes. I wouldn't really say I fit into any particular style, but maybe it's most close to gothic or emo-ish... My favourite colour's black and most of my clothing's either black or black/white (and lately some red's been added as well). I love to use ties, dress shirts, black jeans and compat boots along with crosses/skulls, collars and some other random accesories... And yeah, in a small city like this I might stand out, but I don't care. I won't be changing anytime soon...

Home: I live on Earth (most of the time, I think), in Europe, Finland (yey) in a quite small city called Salo. And there I live in a two-floored detached house with my ma and pops and a 14 years old little brother.

Hobbyes: My actual hobbyes're jazz/hip hop dance, church's chorus "Diskantti" and this one thing (also related to church-stuff) called "isoskoulutus", where we're being trained to lead and entertain those in confirmation school/camps. It's quite fun, I think, since many of my friends're there, too... That doesn't mean I'm some sorta religious person, no, I don't really believe that kinda stuff much. Life after death's something I want to exist, but I quess I don't start talking'bout that now...

Likes: I like lot of things, but here're a few favourite main things; I love reading/drawing and exspecially writing (as you can see). Besides that, I like music and jogging etc. I prefer being alone in quietness over many other things (antisocial, as some of my friends've kindly pointed out for me)... If I could spend one evening in any way I'd want, I'd make it a winter evening spent in a library with a good book, watching a snowstorm outside... (yup, winter's my absolute number one favourite of the four seasons, 'cause it's dark, cold and fresh air then).

Favourite Band/Artist/Book/Movie: My favourite band might be Linkin Park, Evanesence or Malice Mizer, don't know, artist's Emilie Autumn, book... There're tons of them, but a few favourites're Sorcerers Of the Nightwing, Demon Witch and Artemis Fowl (I also read a lot of manga, favourite's Vampire Kisses -Bloodrelatives or maybe Kuroshitsuji or... Devil's Bride? Loveless? Wah, too many opnions) and movie... I don't really know, I'm not too fond on watching tv or movies... Thought I watch a lot of anime. I've currently started watching Black Lagoon again, my favourite characters in that're Hanzel and Gretel, the psyko twins (they remind me a lot of my own twin-characters, Evelyn and Edwin... No morals or sense in them).

Hates: Um, I'm not too good at saying I'd actually hate anything... But something that really annoyes me... Daylight!! Heh, if it'd depend on me, I'd never go out at the daytime (makes me sound like a vampire, eh?), just sleeping then and wondering'round at night would be awesome. I hate sitting in the classrooms the whole day and then sleep past the best parts of the day. Why can't they just change the 8 AM school mornings to 8 PM? Such an easy change... But back to the subjeckt. I also don't like people who think they're better than others and look down on them 'cause of that... That's about as much as I can say now.

Afraid Of: I've a small claustrophobic voice in my head, meaning I don't like enclosed places at all... Nor do I like crowded places either, for that matter (makes me've a panic attack, 's not nice at all).

Other: Well, there isn't really much of anything else to be left mentioning... maybe. Accept that I've been said to have some sorta depression (no medication for it, working on that with my psykiatrist) and then a slight panic attack disorder... I have been thinking that I might've something like the Asperger sundroma, but that hasn't been really investigated or anything yet. Also have a slight phobia'bout food (no, no anorexia, I just hate eating), it makes me feel sick... But that's about it, I quess...

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