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Note: 'Kay, so I know it's been ages, ages since I last uptaded anything to this story (mainly meaning the next xhap)... But now it's finally done and posted, so I hope you like it and, of course, comment me even if you didn't like the outcome... Heh.


Chapter two:

Lovely Suprise (Marissa's POV)

    I stood nervously at the door with my luggages, waiting. Then the door was opened by a tall man, who I regocnized as my aunt's butler, James.He hadn't changed a bit from when I'd last seen him years ago. I noticed myself picking at the sleeve of my dress nervously (a bad habit I really should try to get rid off). "Good evening, miss Marissa. And welcome back after a long time." James talked to me in that all-too familiar formal tone of his. But even then it really made me feel a little more at ease aboout all this. He'd always had that effeckt, luckily for me. "Good evening, James. It's a pleasure to be back." He stepped aside and gestured me in. I was about to take my bags, but he snapped it up before I could even really reach towards, "Please don't bother yourself. I shal take care of your baggage and deliver it to your room." I let him do that and stepped inside. "This way, please." James left the bags near the door and led me to the livingroom.

    I walked slightly behind him, taking a look around the surroundings. Nothing'd changed here, not a single thing. The big room with dark walls and floor, the red carpet on the floor, the chandeliers and paintings, coughes and tables, everything was just like I remembered them. Unchanged, like time'd have no affect in here. That's how it'd always felt. This place was somehow special, different from everywhere else. I'd always loved to spend our summers here.  Me, my father, Lady Jaqueline, James and Vera. Just the five of us and no one else. My happy thoughts were interrupted, when I noticed James'd stopped and was currently talking to me, "... I ask you to wait here for a moment. I shall inform M'Lady that you have arrived safely and are expecting to meet her." Then, before I could do anything else, he dissappeared from my sight, eaving me alone to the room. I was tired from the long trip, and suddenly my eyelids were getting almost too heavy to be kept open, so I searched for the nearest couch to sit down. They were so comfortable, I could've just lay down and sleep there. But that'd be incredibly rude towards my aunt. So I forced myself to stay awake and waited.

    As time slowly ticked by, thoughts were running through my head. I'd begin to doupt this decicion. What if Lady Jaqueline didn't want to see me? What if she doesn't like me the way I am now? Maybe she'll send me staright home... That'd be incredibly embarressing. My aunt'd a lot of authority in many places. She was really well known all over the country and even abroad. I'd never get off the shame if she was to say I wasn't what she expected from her niece. That'd be a disaster for me. I tried to call myself by taking deep breaths, but even that didn't remove the doupt from my mind. And because of that, I almost jumped in the air when someone suddenly talked, "Marissa." I turned around quickly, but froze when I saw Lady Jaqueline stand in the doorway. I couldn't help but stare, as I saw her now after so many years. The time didn't seem to have had any effect on her, either. More than that, she seemed to have become only so much more beautiful. Dark eyes, smooth, pale skin and dark brown hair framing her face, flowing down her shoulders all the way to her waist. The green velvet dress hugged her body tightly. "Lady Jaqueline," I curtsaeid to her.

    "Welcome, Marissa. It's such a pleasure to see you again, darling. Exspecially after such a long time." She stepped forward and took my hands in hers, giving me a small, comforting smile. "Thank you, I've missed you dearly as well, aunt. My father and me, we both apologize for this sudden decicion." I could hear my voice quivering a little. I couldn't take my eyes away from her beautiful face. Oh, why can't I be this gorgeous? "It's nothing, dear. I'm glad to have you here with me." She said and gave me a small hug, gesturing us to sit down. I followed her to the large couch. "James," And suddenly James seemed to have appeared from nowhere to stand besides us, which I'd somehow gotten used to already. "Could you taka Marissa's bags to the guestroom and prepare it for her? I think the lilac one'd fit her very well." James gave her a bow, "Yes, M'Lady. I shall do that immedeadly." Then he dissappeared from the room again. I turned back to my aunt, "I hope you don't mind that I won't be offering you tea yet, since we're about to have dinner soon. I bet you're tired and hungry after that journey." She looked at me straight in to the eyes. I could feel myself blusha little, "Oh no, not at all."

    She gave me an approving nod, "That's good. Now, would you like to tell me how you and your father have been doing lately? I'm sorry I haven't kept much of contact to either of you, but I've been really busy." She really seemed to be sorry for that. It took me a moment to put my thoughts together to form any sort of answer, "Um, I've been good lately. Nothing too unusual or unexpacted. Life's good, but also somehow boring." She raised an eyebrow, "Any news there?" I thought about that for a moment, "Well, I have to admit that there've been a lot of proposals and that does make me frustraded sometimes. I don't feel I'm ready to get married yet, it's too early." Jaqueline gave out a small chuckle at that, "I can say I completely understand that. Afterall, I'm twentyone and I still don't feel ready to get married. That kind of relationships're not something I feel like getting bonded into yet." I believed that. There was no way men wouldn't notice a beauty like her. She must've gotten millions of proposals from time to time. She laughed and I couldn't help but smile back at her. The sound was so familiar, very comforting. Somehow it made me feel like a child again, and I liked the feeling.

    "What about my dear brother? Has he been well? Staying out of trouble, I hope." She asked after a while, looking at my eyes intensively again. She knew how my fatehr could be sometimes, always in some sort of conflickt after just getting one solved. "Ftaher has been well, but lately he hasn't been able to play his piano conserts." Worry rushed over my aunts face, "Oh my, what's he done now? Is he alright?" I rushed to tell her more, so she wouldn't be terrified of the worst, "Oh, please don't worry about that. It was just a little accident. He dropped off from his horse while having his morning ride with mister Carlton. He broke his right hand in that, but it's already getting better, so there's no need to be worried." She gave out a small sighn, "What a relief." Then she smiled, "Your father has seemed to have gotten his glumsiness from our father. Such a thing's of course unfortunate, but somehow they also have the ability to survive anything with just one laugh." I completely agreed with that. I loved how my father always seemed to on a good mood, so cheerful. The longer we then talked, the more I started to think that maybe this wasn't going to be so bad.

    Some time later the door was opened once again and I saw James stand there, "M'Ldy, miss Marissa, the dinner's been served." He gestured us in. "Thank you, James." TJaqueline turned to me, "Now the, shall we go? You must be starving." I couldn't disagree with that, so I obediently stood up after her and followed to the didning hall. It was enourmous, just like I'd remembered. Nothing'd changed here either. The same dark, wooden floor and white walls, a long table in the middle of the room, twelve chairs around it, heavy red curtains , paintings, two armors in the corners, gold chandeliers hanging from the roof. Everything was in their rightful places.  Jaqueline sat down to the chair in the other end of the table, looking pretty much like a queen there. The Queen of the house, I chuckled to myself. james stood besides my aunt and I noticed the one person whom I'd really looked forward to see again, standing in a little distance behind both of the two. Vera.

    I didn't think it was suitable for me to go over to her in a situation like this, so instead I smiled at her and sat down next to Jaqueline. James and Vera took care of the serving together, making sure that once we'd finished the plate, it'd be immedeadly replaced wit another. I had to admit I was a bit afraid I'd have to stop in the middle if it'd go on too long (since in some point the corset'd start feeling too tight), but just then did Vera place the dessert in front of me. It was a piece of chocolatecake, and my favourite as well! "If I remembered correctly, chocolatecake was always your favourite. I hopeyou haven't grown bored to its taste yet." I raised my head from tha piece of art to see aunt smiling at me with a cup of tea in her hands. I smiled back to her, "Yes, it really is. I love it, thank you so much." She smiled and took a sip from her cup, while I picked up a spoon and tried to decide where to start.But every now and then my eyes'd drift to her.

    She's so elegant, I could never match her, that was the truth. The way she always seemed to be in peace was amaizing to me. She was one of those people who were clearly born to be successful in their life. She was someone who could make even the toughest noble fall on their knees by just a few words and a look in the eyes. Yes, she might sometimes seem a little dangerous, but when talking to me, I'd never heard any sort of tone of threatment in it, not in the eyes, nowhere to be found. All she ever showed me was kindness. I quickly finished my plate and placed the spoon down. Jaqueline waited for me to finish, before turning to James, "Would you prepare us some more tea and place the fire on the livingroom's fireplace, please?" James gave her a slight bow and took away my plate, dissappearing to the kitchen once again.

    "Now, maybe we could move on to the livingroom for a while before getting some sleep? Which you definatly need to regain your energy. I'd love to hear more of what's been going on these past years." We stood up, "Of course, it'd be a pleasure." Then we left the room. But this time we didn't go to the livingroom we'd been in before, but she led me to the entrance hall first and then continued up the stairs to the second floor. There we walked trhough some corridors, before she opened a pair of doors. It was such a big house, I'd never got the time to search trhough it all the way, so it was no wonder I hadn't known there was another livingroom here, one even bigger than the other down starirs. Not a wonder thought, there couldn't be only bedroom in the second floor afterall.

    The room was big, filled with couches and armchairs, a soft fitted carpet on the floor, walls covered with booshelves and a warm fireplace. It was really comfortable there. We sat there for a long time, just talking. I felt myself relax for the first time in a week. I told my aunt how my father'd kept an amaizing consert in our hometown and moved to even bigger ones after that. I'd also had an interest in music as long as I could remember. Now I felt a little proud of myself when I told her I'd finally learned how to play flute a few years ago after so much trying. She seemed to be very pleased with this, afterall, she loved music herself. It probably went in the family. I told her everything that'd happened these past years we hadn't seen each other. It was nice to be able to talk like that, since aunt'd always been a person I'd looked upm but also someone I could tell anything. I knew she'd never betray my trust, she was very proud person.

    I didn't notice how hours passed by, but soon I heard the clock strike ten in the back of the room. Jaqueline raised an eyebrow, "Oh dear, I'm afraid we have to cut our talk here. It's getting way too late for you, young lady." I could point the small joking tone in her voice, but I knew she still meant it for real. Jaqueline was pretty strickt about bedtimes, exspecially when it cam to younger one, like me. There was no arguing with her, so I just stood up with her, "Vera'll show you the way to your new room. It's been prepared, so you can just change your clothes and get to sleep." She gave me hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, the send me t the door. Vera peeked into the room, "Miss Marissa?" "Yes, I'm coming!"We got to the corridor, where Vera turned around with a wide smile on her face, "I'm so glad to see you again, miss!" I couldn't help but smile just as widely back at her, "Me too. I've missed everyone so much, it's great to be here again."

    We walked trhought the corridors (and I'd no idea where we were anymore), until Vera finally stopped in front of a door. "Here's your roon, miss. I hope you like it, and if there's something you want here, don't hesitate to ask us." She opened the door and stepped aside to let me in. I couldn't help but stare at the room. It was perfect! There was a huge canopy bed wit light curtains on the other side of the room, while on the other side there was a huge mirror and a desk with a chair. And I could quess that the door next to the mirror led to the wardrope (thoguth I wasn't sure if my clothes'd already been put there). "It's wonderful!" I went to the windows on the wall-side of the room, checking out the view. And it sure was beautiful! A perfect picture of the garden, even the lake could be seen from here (it wasn't a long way to that, but the trees mostly covered it up).

    Almost an hour later I'd finally struggled out of my clothes  (with some help from Vera) and sat at the chair in front of the mirror, while Vera comped my hair. I'd been given a cute nightdress. It was light lilac with short sleeves, flowing around in a very beautiful manner. I'd always liked lilac, so most of my clothes were that color as well. Jaqueline'd clearly remembered that when picking uå the wardrope for me. Yes, thought I'd had most of my own clothes with me, opening the wardrope'd been a bit of a shock for me. All of my clothes were placed there neatly, but then there was a pile of clothes I'd bnever seen before. Vera'd told me, that Lady Jaqueline'd insisted that they'd get me more clothes, so I wouldn't have to wear the same dresses all the time. Like that'd have happened anyways. Still, I couldn't help but feel very flattered by all this attention. And after I'd gotten to know that they got the leter of my arrival only this morning, it was incredible they'd gotten all this ready in one day. I quess there's nothing that aubt wouldn't be able to do... She's a miracle.

    That's when I took a glance at the mirror, and noticed a small movement behind us. Then I let out a scream. I can't believe this!


So, here it finally is! Just took me forever to finish (thought this was supposed to be written by Seni, but she lodt the inspiration and we decided to let me handle the writing... So I had to mostly translate this text)... Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and comment on what you thought of it! P.S. I try to get the next chap written sooner... This one took a bit too long... ^^"

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