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Note: This time I'm not gonna babble here(maybe later on) and that's not the point now. I hope you like this part, I shall upload it whenever I can (meaning I shall upload this character by character) aand... Well, I think that's all for now. Enjoy! <3


Boarding School - Character File

    Gothkin's boarding school's a special school for children with extraordinady abilities (as you'll soon discover), where they're trained to know and control their abilities to an extend where they won't be recognized from the rest of the people in public. However, due to this extraordinadiness of theirs, it still doesn't mean that they're supposed to hide it in any way. Just disquise it as something more common; a talent of some sort. The school's been kept in the shield of mystery for years, to prevent exposing themselves to the outer world. Of course there're still rumors of it, but everyone knows they can't always be trusted. And not many can believe this when they're told...

    Actually, most of the nowadays celebrities are, in fact, from Gothkin. They've, indeed, a slight headstart to progress on their careers, if they choose one in which they can make use of their abilities. Thought, that depends on whether they're able to make it to the education or not. 'Cause this school is just a little more cruel than the others, just a little more tougher to got through... Graduation's not an obvious thing to all.

    "The sun sets, coloring the sky bloody red. The eternal fight, the final moments of the day before it dies out... And just like day and night, we're, like everyone before us, fated to be enemies forever..."

    Who knows, maybe there's still something you might not know of this school, so I decided to give a little easier way to form a picture of the characters and the difference between these two dorms...

    I have to tell you, that reading this might feel like I'm spoiling your fun in reading the actual story, but don't worry, I only upload here once the information's been seen in the story. So, here you can read everything in a nutshell! To make sure you didn't miss out anything...


Oki dki, so here's the opening for you. I hope it got you interested, 'cause I think this might be the best part of the story;  characters. But that's only my opnion. So, everyone, please comment and tell me what you like this idea and the files (once I get to publish them here), thank you very much! <3

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