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Note: In this chap, I'll finally get to introduce the rest of the (main?) characters of this story! Aand, as for the warnings... Well, there aren't any... Yet *grin*


Chapter four:

Dangerous Classes (Justice's POV)

    My interesting conversation with Renee was interrupted (once again) by Emily. "Shit, Renee, I told you they'd make their move soon." She cursed, staring over my shoulder somewhere. She was clearly pissed at whatever she was seeing. "What're you talking about?" I turned around to see what she was looking. My eyes found Mikayla form the other side of the room, sitting in the farest table with a bunch of other students. They must be people from her dorm... "Those fricking bastards would better keep their hand off of her or I'll do some serious ass kicking here." Renee sighned besides her, putting a hand on her shoulder to make her calm down, "Emi, remember the language." She just glared at Renee, "Fuck that! Don't you see them?" "See what?" I was completely lost at what was going on now. I saw Ley raise an eyebrow at them questionably. On the other side of the table, Micoil'd also stopped, watching the other table with a blank expression.

    Emily sat down, crossing her hands over her chest, settling to a full pouting-mode. "Do you see those guys sitting in the table with Mikayla? Those four." She pointed a finger to them.  I examinated them, "Yes. What about them? They must be from the same dorm as her. Isn't it good she's getting along with them?" Emily scratched her head, continuing in an annoyed tone, "Yeah, well, anybody else would. But getting too friendly with those four's not good... Well, first of all, trhey're all seventh graders, so it's a bit odd for them to stick with that young, but really, they're just a pain in the ass for everyone else."

    She took a deep breath to calm herself, "You see the blond guy sitting next to her?" I nodded, "That's Jasper Maycott. He's what you call a "walking catastrophe", literally. He can't touch anything without breaking it that instant. He isn't all that bad or anything, he's just always hung with those others. Doesn't even seem to want to be friendly with anyone else. Kind of shame..." I looked at the boy. He seemed to be older than us, with honeyblond hair that looked kinda windblown. He looked like one of those boys you can see on the magazines, with perfeckt hair and skin, smiling with shining white teeth. He was telling something to the others, laughing and waving his hands around like in some sort of demostradion. Had to admit he was really cute. Okay, Jus, you never said that, not even to yourself...

    "The one sitting on the opposite side's Veronica Knivetton. She's a total bitch, and I think everyone in our school hates her from the moment they first hear her open her dang mouth. I don't know how those three put up with her, since she's the only woman and all." I turned my eyes to a girl with a shoulder lengthed vermillion hair. Thought she was very beautiful, I had to agree that she didn't look all too friendly, according to the fackt she seemed to be on a bad mood (whether that was normal to her or not) and stabbing her bacon with the fork (looking somehow amused when doing that). Have to say I probably wouldn't want to befriend her either... But I'm definatly not going to say that to Emily. "Then there's that expressionless guy sitting next to Veronica. That's Ivory Lloyd. He's a total dickhead, if you ask me." Next to the redhead girl was a pale boy with long white/sliver hair (or something like that, wasn't really sure) pulled up to a ponytail, bangs hovering over his eyes. That can't be a natural color... By his looks, I would've said he should have been a model, too, rather than a student.

    Looking quite uninterested of whatever the others were talking, he was reading a book, leaning to his elbow quite the same way as Emily earlier. Then I noticed someone leaning down to him and whisper something to his ear. For that he raised his head a little and said something back to the other. That guy had a messy, deep black hair, a little longer than Micoils, and (damn) he was hot, looking all laidback and cool there. Why do they all look like that? It's so unfair... "You must've noticed the last guy, right?" I nodded, not taking my eyes off them, "That's Devin Turnour. And believe me, he's the worst of them all... I'm not even sure they'd hung out with that group if it wasn't for him. That bastard's a -" But she was cut off by Renee placing her hand over her mouth. "Now, I think that's enought of you. It's not right to make Justice and Lesley go up agains them, even thought they've just arrived, now, is it?" I could tell it wasn't a real question. "But that's just t-" Emily struggled with both hands to get free, without much success may I add (Renee seemed to be a lot stronger than what she looked).

    I looked back at the table. Even thought I could see Emily didn't like those people one bit, I still couldn't believe they were all that bad. Or maybe that was more like hoping for that. Then, Mikayla suddenly turned to look at us. It seemed like for a moment, there were just me and her, everyhting else dissappeared. My breath was stuck in my throat and my eyes wisened, as I met her look. Her eyes were full of hatred I couldn't have imagined. They were staring right into mine, deep and dark. Then, it was suddenly over and she'd turned back to her friends, not paying any attention to us anymore. But I was left there, scared. What'd happened to her to make that look?... I'd gotten a picture of a very nice, shy girl who wanted to make friends with us, not of a girl who clearly hated me for her life. "You noticed that, too?" I finally snapped out of my staring when I heard Lesley talk to me. I turned to look and saw she was looking at me with a worried face. I nodded, not really nkwing what to say. She must've been thinking the same as me, What happened to her?

    The other group took off soon after that. I still couldn't wrap my head around it, but had to put it from my mind for a while, when Emily started to explain about the classes we'd have here. "Okay, so, the fackt's that since you're new here, you'll be having some of the classes with other newcomers. But it's not all that long, just some of the first so you'll get to know the basics, then you'll be moved to our classes and go on from that just normally." "What subjeckts there're for us?" She thought about that for a moment. "Well, pretty much the same as in every other school, I suppose. Like math, biology, social studies etc. But then there're also some other subjeckts only available in this school, like the training and... I quess you'll find out the others pretty soon. I mean, if those we'ren't taught here, why should we even be here?" I didn't guite gte her point in that, "What do you mean b-" But I was cut off when Micoil suddenly appeared on my left, with his usual grin placed on his face, "I'm extremely sorry for having to disturb your conversation, girls, but the classes're going to start in a few minutes and the classrooms'ren't exactly the next door. So, I'd suggest we better hurry, being late on the first day'd be embarressing, at least for me."

    "What? Is it that much already?" I almost shrieked when I checked my wristwatch. It said 8:17 am. The classes'd start in three minutes! I jumped up and pulled Lesley up with me (since she was still sitting dumply on the chair), turning to Renee, "Could you tell us where our classroom's? We're supposed to have that-" She smiled and answered me before I could finish the sentence, "Luckily I checked your timetables and you're having the training class at first. You'll be there together with Emily, so she can show you the way." That second Emily tugged my arm, pulling the two of us towards the door, "Yeah, that'll be great. But now, c'mon or the teach'll rip our throats out for being late!" We hurried off, with Renee and Micoil right behind us. When we got to the entrance hall, Emily led us to the staircase leading up on our left side, while the other two went to the right. Then we sprinted through the corridor and through the door at the other and of it. Then there was a tall room with long staircase going up around the walls. We stumbled up the stairs, until we got to the third floor where Emily went in from a door on our left. Then there was another corridor (this was starting to confuse me al little). That's when she slowed down, panting slightly, "This's  where most of the training classes're kept. It's not a long way to go anymore, so need to rush."

    We stopped in front of a door with a punch of other students (which I assumed were other fifth-graders) standing there. I was getting somehow nervous, since this was a whole new sujkeckt for me (yes, actually I'd never heard of such before and Ley said I'd an obsession to be exellent in everything... Which could be true). Only some seconds after our arrival the teacher came to let us in. He was a tall man with short blond hair, a silver earring and bright green eyes that flashed on every one of us when we passed him on the door. He was wearing a long black coat (was that some kind of fashion thing amongs the teachers here?) and a normal black shirt and jeans under it. But what stood out in his outfit was a long sword he was keeping on his belt. Isn't that too dangerous to be allowed to keep here? How could he even get it here in the first place... Emily chuckled next to me, cathing my attention. "What?" "Nothing, just your face when you nitced the sword." I was kind of startled by that. "You mean, he's taken that to the class before?" She looked kind of suprised by this, "Of course he's. Logan, which's his name by the way, never goes anywhere without his beloved sword. I bet he even sleeps with it..."

    I was stunned, the way she was talking about it made it seem like it was completely normal to have those kind of things kept near us. Kind of makes me feel unsafe right now... I followed Emily and Lesley (who'd skipped in before me, not seeming to be bothered by anything, chatting hapily) to the back of the class (witch was the way we had our auditories build, raising up toward the back) and sat down to the back of the row. The teacher, Logan, was standing in front of the class now, waiting fer everyone to calm down. A few minutes later it was quiet. Then he bkroke into a smile, "Hello, everyone. You can't believe how I've waited for our training to begin again, and that's no lie." I could see he was telling the truth there. The best teachers're those who truly love their subjeckts and are hapy to teach...

    "Thought most of you I've already met on your previous years here, I can see there're a few new faces. For that, I believe a small introducion would be in place; my name's Logan Scarcliff, I prefer being called Logan instead of Mr. Scarcliff or something too formal like that, since they make me feel old. As from now on, I'll be your teacher on these classes of training. I quess that's all you need to know about me for now, other questions I'll be answering after the class. As for my subjeckt, training class's something that's only available in special schools like Gotkin. It's meant to support and strenghten your body and mind, as well as to help you to control your powers, so they can be useful to you."

    The way he was talking about this, so passionate, made it seem more like he'd have been talking about a lover than a mere school subjeckt. then I remembered Emily's word earlier about him sleeping with the sword and couldn't help but smile at that. Maybe that's just what kind of person he's... This might be really interesting. Thought, there was one thing that bothered me. When he mentioned the 'powers' and about learning to control them, I was pretty sure he talked about something alse than just mere talents in some things.

    "Isn't he great?" I looked on my right to Lesley, who was watching me with glimmering eyes. At least she seemed to be completely mesmerized by our teacher. Well, not like I could have said anything else, I thought he seemed to be an amaizing person, too. So I nodded at her, letting out a small chuckle, "Definatly. I mean, I was a bit worried at first, but now I think he's really nice. The way he talks about these things, it's somehow really different, really refreshing." "Yeah, that's right. I almost thought he was talking about his girlfriend at first, before I started to listen more carefully." She grinned at that. I should have guessed she wouldn't be listening at first... "It might be hard for you to say yet, but he's the best teacher in this school. I totally love his lessons. It's a shame he desn't teach us anything else than this." Emily'd joined our little conversation. But it had to be cut to that, when Logan started to explain something again.

    "Everyone who's been on this class before knows I hate talking here all by myself too long, so I'll make this simple; those who know already what to do, please move to the training area in the next room and start forming pairs. New students, please come here and I'll give you some explaining details you might be needing as well as ask a few things about yurself, just for case." After that everyone stood up, while most started to move out of the door on the other side of the room (opposite from the one we came in from), me and Lesley pushed ourselves towards the teachers desk in the front, where Logan had thrown himself in a chair. "I'll go ahead, you play nicely with him and I'll see you later." Emily grinned and followed the others to the other room, leaving us with Logan and three other students.

    "Now, I was supposed to ask you that do you've some further information about your abilities? Have they been survied?" There was some greeing mumbling from the three others, while me and Lesley just glanced at each other, utterly confused. "Ah, that's good. then I ask you to fill these papers and returm thm to me after the class's over." He picked up a small pile of papers, handing them to everyone. Well, not exactly everyone, just those three studnts. I couldn't let that go, "Excuse me, but you didn't give any for us." He acted like he wouldn't have heard me at all, which was impossible otherwise than in case he was suddenly deaf. Which was quite unlikely. He didn't even look at us, when he continued, "Now, what I want you to do is to go to that room with the others and wait for me there. You're still not supposed to do anything there, so no need to get paired up with anyone, just watch. i'll give you some further instsuctions when I get there. Now move along!"

    He hushed the others away, halfly turned away from us. Then, once the door was closed, he finally turned to us, with a grin on his face. He seemed to be waiting for us to do the first move, so I took the chance, "Why're we still here?" He chuckled at that (which sounded odd from his mouth, but somehow suitable), "Well, I could say that you're still standing there 'cause you obviously didn't go along with the others, but I'd say that isn't exactly what you meant by your guestion." He kept a small pause, "I could see you looked quite suprised, or confused or whatever, when I mentioned about the survey. I assume you haven't heard of that before?" We both nodded, "Could it be that if you havent heard about that, you don't know the actual reason for you to be here, in this particular school right now?" I looked at Lesley, who looked kind of out of this all (well, no wonder when even I wasn't sure where we were going with this conversation), then, slowly, nodded again.

    Logan leaned back in the chair, watchng us both. Thought he was doing that, I didn't feel nervous, he wasn't expecting us to do anything right now. Then, with a slight sign, he continued, "I guess the easiest way to start this then would be to ask; do you believe in magic?" I was starddled by the sudden guestion. I thought about it. It wasn't really like I would think it doesn't exist at all, but neither did I believe in such a things as spells and flying brooms, the usual kid's stuff. It was kind of hard to give a clear answer. It was then when I heard Ley open her mouth for the first time, "I believe in magic, I want to believe there's something more than just the 'normal' life. Like, that kind of place where things like that exist, without others knowing it. I mean, otherwise it'd be pretty boring and... Well, all..." Her voice kind of faded when she lost the track of what she was about to say. But instead of laughing, Loren looked quite pleased, actually more than pleased, smiling from ear to ear. "You're quite a clever girl, Lesley."

    "Huh?" Was my best friend's idiotic answer. "Magic really is something that normal people won't like to talk about, because it's considered dangerous due to the mystery of it. But there indeed are places where things like that are possible." Now I was confused, but at the same time I could clearly see where this was going, no matter how odd that might be. "So, are you saying this's a place for magic?" Now that I said it aloud, it sounded even more ridiculous than before. But Logan's answer wasn't a suprise to me, "Yes, that is exactly what I mean, Justice. I know it sounds odd, but Im sure you'll sooner or later see this school isn't like those you've been in before. But now isn't the time for that, I'm not trying to mess with your head anymore than what I've already done. What I actually wanted to state, was that you might need a bit more instructions than those who're more advaced on this."

    "Well, since you're, I'm sorry to say it like this, but it's the truth, so called 'underdogs' on this class, under the beginners who have the basic information, I thought about putting you up with an older student who might have similiar abilities to yours for the time being. They'll be more than capable to quide and lead you to the basics by using their own methods. After that we'll see if you'll be paired with someone other. This doesn't mean you wouldn't be able to succeed on this class like everybody else, definatly not, I'll just give you little help to get to the same level with the others. Does that sound good to you?" "Yes!" Lesley yelled, looking extremely exited again, then blushing when Logan smiled at her, "It's a pleasure to see someone so energetic like you here, Lesley. I'm really looking forward to teach you, both of you." He looked at me for a while, and I couldn't help but give him a little smile back. I don't think maany can say they wouldn't be looking forward to work with him...

    Logan clapped his hands together once, "Okay, so I've already got a slight idea of what your abilities might be about. Now for the quides..." He ducked to search something from the drawer of his desk. He straightened up with a map in his hand, "As for Lesley, I've someone who might fit you just well... Just a second... Aha, here it is. I saw you're both in good terms with Emily, so I think you might already know him. He's a sixth-grader, Micoil Pomeroy, do you know him?" Lelsey flushed a little, nodding quickly. "That's really good. So, you'll be working with him, he knows what to do, all you've to do is to meet with him in this class today after all the other classes'll be over, meaning a quarter over four. Is that okay with you?" "Yes, I'm looking forward to it."

    "I'm sure you do. And now, for you, Justice. It was a bit harder to get someone fitting to be your quide, but there's one who'd be perfectly fitted to it, depending on what you decide. He's from another dorm, a seventh-grader. His name's Ivory Lloyd. I suppose you're yet to meet him, but I'd suuggest you meet him and then we'll decide whether you'll stay with hm or something else. Does that sound okay to you?" My mind was flashing thrught the pics of the white haired boy reading a book in the  breakfast table. I'd thought he didn't seem to be all that bad or anything, but I didn't expact to be put together with him to study. Well, that seems like just your luck, Jus... But maybe it wouldn't be all that bad in truth. At least I could ask what was going on with Mikayla this morning. Yes, that's exactly what I'd do.

    "Yes, that sounds good. I'll do that, then." "Good, you'll be meeting him in the library at the same time, a quarter over four, okay? It'll be easier for him to handle it there, since he's having a workshift at that time." I nodded. Interesting, so he was working as a librarian. Lesley was staring at me in shock, mouth hanging slightly open. Please, Ley, stop that and let me handle this! "Well, I quess that's all for you now. I won't be making you to stay here, you'll have you share of the class afterwards anyways. We'll be seeing on the next class, when you'll give me a report of what you'll be doing. And nw, since I should already be in the other room, doing my job, I suggest you go and spend some time exploring the school. I know from experience you can never do that too much in here."

    Once we got out of the classroom, back in the corridor and trying to find our way to the dorm again, I couldn't help, tbu think, What have I gotten myself into? Well, I guess in this kind of situation all you can do is cope with it...


Yippee, the 4th chap's done. Next'll be posted soon! I'll promise some action to that (I hope). This one might be a bit longer again... who knows. I can't believe I got this written in only two days! My new record... Hopefully the 5th chap'll be just a quick, have a weekend to work on that...

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