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Note: Since I got the last, 4th, chap done in two days, of course I had to try that out with this, too! Heh, somehow made it even quicker... P.S. I'm sorry for this chap, reasoning in the later athr.commt, k?


Chapter five:

Overly Confused (Justice's POV)

    "So awesome that we get to ditch the class!" Lesley chirped happily next to me as we walked down the stairs back to the etrance hall. "Yes, but that was only because we'll be having our lesson afterwards." I reminded her. It was nice to have some time here, but I had to admit I was starting to be a little nervous about the 'extra quidiance' we'd be having later. Lesley was obviously mre than okay with being paired up with Miicoil, but I was a bit worried about starting my tarining with Ivory. He had seemed like someone you could talk with, but even then it was a bit unnerving that he hung out with the other group, exspecially when it seemed to have had some serious effect on Mikayla this morning. I have to ask him about that later... Maybe he'll have an explanation for all that.

    "But you know, I can't believe they put you up with that guy! I mean, he's from a different dorm and an idiot besides that!" Lesley waved her hands around in frushtradion. I just shook my head, "I know, I didn't think of that either. But maybe it won't be that bad. You can't say he's stupid just by where he lives and what Emily's said of him. He might be really nice, who knows." Lesley just stared at me for that, not looking convinced, "I don't believe that'll happen. Emily knows them, and if she sayd they're idiots, then they most likely are. You can't change a fackt like that." I sighned. She had made up her mind, nothing was going to make her change that now. I could just as well talk to a wall. No use. So I just let it drop, even thought Ley seemed to have wanted to say something more about the subjeckt.

    Finally, after some serious searching, we found our way back to the dorm. We clomped up the stairs and went back to our room. It was left in a mess after this morning, so the first thing I did was to make our beds and gather up the thingas from floor (meaning mostly Ley's clothes). Lesley rushed to the toilet to do somthing to her hair (I don't understand why, I thought her hair was beautiful the way it was), while I put everything back in place. Had to admit, this felt more like having an own apartment than just a room. It was so wide, but I liked it. It as a "home" now, more than any place before. I sat down to the bed and looked around the room. Thought the stuff'd been placed to the wardrope and on the bed, the walls were a bit empty. That's when I got a little idea of what to do while we still'd free time.

    Lesley came out of the bathroom a little later, looking dramaticly upset (the mode she took when she wanted me to get the whole point at how tragic something was), "Can you believe this?" I sighned, here we go again... "Well, what's the problem now?" She stared at me and grapped her hair with both of her hands, like she would've been about to pull it out, "I hate my hair! It doesn't go anywhere, no matter what I do." I stood up and walked over to her, taking a wish of her hair between my fingers, "Don't say that, I like your hair. It's thick and strong. Yes, maybe a bit problematic as to getting it straight and cler, but it doesn't have to be that. It looks good the way it is now. Because that's you." She looked at me like a little puppy, then threw her arms around me, tackling us both to the floor, "Thanks, Jus! I'm so glad that you're my friend. I don't know what I'd do without you."

    I laid there, not really sure as what to do. She didn't usually let her emotions take over, so I just stayed with patting her head, "It seems like there's something else that's bothering you." I wasn't sure where that thought came, but I was pretty sure I was right. Ley pulled herself up a little to get a look at my face, as if to think whether she should tell me or not. Seems like she decided to do that, "Well, I quess I'm a little nervous about Micoil. I mean, what if he doesn't want me to be paired up with him? What if he..." She trailed off, looking lost. I couldn't help, but give her a smile. This was the cute and unsure side of her, which usually only came out to me. I didn't want to complain about that, thought, because that's what told me she thought of me as someone trustworthy. "Ley, I'm sure he won't mind. Micoil's that kind of person I think helps others out gladly when he cans." She still seemed a bit worried, so I let it drop and tried another tecnique, "But you know, I was thinking earlier that these walls here seem somehow boring, so I was wondering if you could help me a little to change that..." I could see her eyes brighten, telling I'd succeeded to take her thoughts elsewhere.

    "You mean I can put the posters here?!" I remembered how we fought about whether she could take her hundreds of posters with her or leave them. In the end I'd told her to do whatever she wanted, now it's good I didn't prevent it from her... The next thirty minutes went while we digged her posters out of the wardrope and got my tape, starting to place them over the blank places on the walls (mostly on her side, I took only a few selected ones, including one of her drawings which I thought was cute). Then she insisted that we'd also scatter some of my scetches to the walls as well. For some reason I didn't feel like protesting, and soon the walls had some of my colored scetches on them. I had to say it didn't look that bad when we were finished. At least now it seemed like there was actually someone living in the room.

    That's when I heard a knock on the door, "Come in." It was Emily. "Hey, guys! I can't believe Logan let you ditch the class! What''ve you been up to all this time? Found your way back easily?" She started with her bubbling and I let Lesley rush over to answer her at the same speed. Those two, they really're amaizing in that... Then, after the explanations'd been given, Emily looked at me with her mouth gawking. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, even before she almost yelled, "You got paired up with Ivory?!" I just nodded, not too fond to going over this conversation again. But the she seemed to let it go and instead grapped our hands, pulling us to the door, "I forgot we need to hurry! We've biology next and I hate that, but the teacher's a fricking killingmachine when it comes to being late!" So we took off running again. "But don't even think we're going ti let you off with that. You need to explain after the classes're over..." She added as we exited the dorm. Oh well, I'm not going to be suprised of anything in this school anymore anyways...

    Luckily, we made it to the class in time (again). I had to admit the teacher did look like she'd be able to snap your spine with only her hands. The look in her eyes was dangerous enought to keep the class silent the second she came in. It clearly told she didn't like the students one bit. Why's she even doing this if she hates children? Gladly, the class started from almost the same place where we'd left in the old school and I was able to keep up with the teacher pretty well. Of course I'd have to go throught some of the materials again to catch up with the new, but that was no big deal. What I was more worried abiut was Ley, who was napping over her desk the whole hour (actually, more than an hour, since here the classes lasted sixty-five minutes instead of forty-five... Meaning we only'd six classes a day at most... That was so confusing).

    After biology we'd a free period, meaning we went back to the dorms to show Emily what we'd done on our free time earlier, since she hadn't really seen it. Then we went downstairs and met Micoil there, who was trying to stumble throught some of his homeworks, since he was having a free class as well. We went to eat lunch together to the dining hall (it was just as delicious as always) and hung out there for some time (Emily didn't remember to come up with any "forgotten" conversations for my luck) and then (for the first time that day) actually walked to our math lesson. That was pretty easy as well and went by quickly. But when my last class of the day, philosophy, ended, a sudden wave of nervousness rushed over me. It wasn't long now, before I'd have my extra "lesson" with Ivory. I could see Lesley was getting nervous again, so I calmed her to push my own nervousness aways from my mind. After I'd sent her to find Micoil (which took longer than it should've been), I headed to find Renee from the dorm for some directions (since I didn't know how to get to the lobrary... Hadn't even catch a glance of it yet.)

    I left the dorm at four, leaving to the directions Renee'd given me earlier, hoping to find my way to the library without getting lost.  Turn to the left, then along the corridor and down the stairs... I repeated her word in my mind as I walked, travelling deeper and deeper to the deths of our school. You'd really need a map here or something, I thought as I walked along yet another corridor. There were some students still hanging in the corridors after the class, going to their own directions in groups or alone. I slipped past some bigger groups and continued down another pair of stairs. Now, once you've got down the second staircase, you'll come to a corridor. Then just walk along it until you see a piar of huge doors on your right side. There reads, "library" on the wall besides it. Then just get in...I could hear Renee's instructions in my head as I indeed arrived to a new corridor. The left side of it had many tall windows, from where I could see to the lake. Is it getting dark already?

    The first stars were already showing, thought the sky was still an reddish blue from the sun setting behind the mountains. It was a beautiful sighn. But I had to move on, it was already 4:13 pm, as I checked my watch. I really hoped I could find it soon. I went along the corridor, keeping my eyes on the right. Then, I saw a dark brown door in a distance and hurried towards it. And indeed, there was a sighn on the doors's right side that said, "Library". I creaked the door open and peeked in.

    It was a slight shock when I saw the size of the library. I stepped in, closing the door as quietly as possible. I walked in, watching around in awe. Right in front of me was a half-circle desk with a shelf behind it. It was placed in the middle of a round room and from there lead out three ways. On the left, right and one behind the desk. I peeked at them and they weren't rooms, but huge halls with millions of bookshelves. There were also two floors in the library. Like everywhere else in the school, this was also lit with candeliers. I took a deep breath in, smelling the air around me. And true, it had the wonderful smell of old paper and slight dusk in it. I love this place.... I walked to the desk, but there was no one sitting there. What am I supposed to do now? Was Ivory going to find me or did I have to search him? Wasn't he supposed to have a shift here or something?

    "May I help you?" There was a sudden quiet voice from my left. I jumped a bit and turned around to see the conserned guy stand in a distance, with a pile of books in his hands. I tried to find my tongue to answer him, "Y-Yes, I'm Justice Hayward and... And I was supposed to meet Ivory Lloyd here. Are you him?" I was ashamed of my studdering voice, but he didn't seem to mind. He came to me, stopping a hand's length away. Just now I had a change to take a closer look at him. Like the rest of the seventh-graders in the breakfast table then, he sure was gorgeous. His features were a bit more feminine than a guy's usually, but it looked good with his long hair. Ivory'd, well, ivory colored skin (how fitting, I chuckled) and pale, grayish eyes. His schooluniform was somehow different from mine. He also had a white colllarshirt and a royal blue tie, but the jacket was black, instead of white, with the same gray decorations in it. The sighn on his chest was also different. Crescent moon...

    "Yes, I know who you are as well as you already knew me. Ivory Lloyd." He did a small bow to me (how odd), but I'd caught the point in his words already. "Wait, you said you already knew who I was and vice versa. How?" He looked at me with those strange eyes, and I got a feeling he knew much more than he liked to tell. "Maybe we could go sit down and continue our conversation then? Somewhere a bit more privet." He gestured me to come with him and dropped down the books to the table, then moved to the hall behind the desk. I followed him as we walked trhought the hall of thousand bookshelves. Then, he turned and I saw a table for two between the two shelves. We sat down and he watched me a while, before going on.

    "Logan must've already mentioned you about why you're being 'stuck' with me." It wasn't a question, but I still nodded. "I could say I don't know why you were put with me, but that'd be a total lie. You were put with me, because I asked for that myself." My eyes widened for that, "You did? Why?" His eyes softened, thought he still wasn't really smiling, "Because, this mght sound really selflish now, I believe I might help you get used to all this quickly, since our abilities're similiar. Then you can go with the others, which I think you'd prefer pretty much over this" I wasn't exactly sure how I was supposed to answer that, so I just decided to ask something myself, "I still don't understand all this talk about different abilities. What do you mean by that?" Ivory stopped for a moment, clearly thinking about his answer.

    "I was pretty sure it'd be this way." He started, "You've probably been told that you're "underdogs" in these things by Logan, I suppose?" I nodded again. He gave out a small nod to himself, before going on, "Yes, but I wouldn't say that's exactly true. I think it can't be compared, since your powers haven't awakened so much that you could actually tell there's something different in you." by now, I was completely out of the conversation. "I'm sorry, but I don't understand at all." He gave me an understanding look, "It's completely understandable. I'm not going to try to force that kind of information on you yet, just gave it a little start. We need to let you see it for youself, it's more useful that way. But now..." He paused for a while, "I haven't really planned anything for this 'lesson' of ours, so would you like to tell me something about yourslef?"

        I was somehow startled by his statement, so I didn't realize he was waiting for my answer. "Um, I don't really know what to day about myself. There really isn't much to tell, I guess." "Well, I guess you just gave me a good place to start this." I looked at him, "Everyone's their own story and none of them's 'not much' like you just said. They all have history, some meaning to what the person is today. That's what makes you unique, giving you a personality. And I'm pretty interested to hear about your past myself, since, believe me or not, it affects a lot in how we should train. Knowing you as person's the first step." And I believed him, since there was no need for him to lie. "Now, what if we make a small deal in this? What if I ask guestions of what I'm interested to hear and you give the answers? After that we can change the places and you get to know more about me. Would that make it easier to you?"

    I nodded very eagerly, "Yes, that'd definatly be easier, because otherwise I've no idea what to say. And when he gave out an almost inaudible chuckle, and I was sure my thoughts'd been confirmed. Maybe this'll be okay. He really isn't so bad afteral...


Okay, so here's the 5th chap. It became shorter tha the others (I think) and I know nothing much happens in it, but it had to be written so I can put the actual point to next chap. Some might've seen the fack that this chap was supposed to be named Nightmares... But how am I supposed to include that here, when they don't even get to sleep anywhere, eh? So it's got to be put to the next chap... Sorry, no can do! ^^"

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