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Oki dki, so this's a scetche from the Boarding School, inroducing the students of both dorms (well no shit, Sherlock!). Aand what else to day... I hope you can read my messy handwriting there to recognice the characters and all.

And again I apologize, but they don't've faces either for the same reason as earlier. ^^

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17.11.2009 20:09 (Seni) Why no one comments this pic??((
18.11.2009 21:50 (Justice) Okay I can comment it ^^ I love this one too <3 Crown-dorm RULEZ !!!1
19.11.2009 11:58 (Raven) Hehheh, how lovely! Someone's commenting meh... And gotta admit, Crown-dorm's nice, but you still'ven't seen much of the other... <3
20.11.2009 09:34 (Justice) yeah I know that.. but still Crown-dorm's the best <3
20.11.2009 09:43 (Raven) Saying, just saying my dear... ^^
20.11.2009 09:53 (Justice) lol.. x) See we're fighting again ^^
20.11.2009 09:57 (Raven) No, I don't think u should say tha... Or maybe that's right. But no... I would never, ever want to fight with u, darling! Never <3
20.11.2009 09:57 (Raven) )Or maaaybe just a little...
20.11.2009 09:58 (Justice) you're just saying x) a little fight sometimes doesn't hurt anyone... Says a person who hates fighting ^^"
22.11.2009 21:30 (Raven) Hehheh, u just don't know how many fights there'll be in the future... And in the stories ^^
06.12.2009 15:29 (nnuppe) this has to be my fav :D
30.12.2009 20:39 (Raven) Heh, well I can't remember who I gave this anymore... Shame ^^"

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