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 'Kay, so here's the 2/2 part of the Boarding School's character-introducion (hope you can read the names again). I hope I'm not destroying anyone's imagine of the characters with these... But I really like this and the other as well, they succeeded quite nicely I think.

And yes, I know there're no faces... *sighn* gotta do something'bout that soon.

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Pisteet: 5.000 (2)
17.11.2009 20:10 (Seni) Jasper is so lasy...)
18.11.2009 21:52 (Justice) That's true ! I can't help laughing to him XD and Mikayla is so cute.. though she gave a nightmare for me X'D
19.11.2009 11:55 (Raven) As for Seni: it's written lazy, not lasy, heh... And for Jus: you're both sooo right. Jasper's the laziest person I know... Always've, always will. But Mikayla's nice, too ^^
22.11.2009 00:26 (Jasper) Laziness is art if you can use it right so I don't care if you bitch about it because it's art

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