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Locker Of Pics
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Well, you can read from what this's been made of... That's right, Jaqueline and the Nutcracker (I love the original story, so wanted to make my own version as well, heh). I think that kinda didn't work in the end, so I might've to do a new one of this later...

And there're no faces (this's starting to become my label here!)...!!! *banging head to the wall once again* Gotta make this a hobby or something...

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20.11.2009 09:41 (Raven) Hehheh,almost can hear the music... not! ^^
20.11.2009 09:42 (Jaqueline) I'm lovin' it <3
20.11.2009 09:50 (Raven) Now tha reminded me of mac...
20.11.2009 09:55 (Jaqueline) Big mac^^ <3 padapapapaaaaaaaa.. I'm lovin' it ^^ <3
20.11.2009 09:59 (Raven) *sighn* yea yea, whatever... Y'know, I totally hate tha... Frustrading, really. x__x
20.11.2009 10:00 (Jaqueline) What do u hate hun'?
20.11.2009 10:00 (Raven) And as for which one's the one I don't like... Well, I tell u: BOTH! ^^
20.11.2009 10:01 (Jaqueline) ..omg first we talked 'bout the pic and now we're havin' a conversation 'bout mc'donalds lol.. but I've got to go to lesson see ya <3
20.11.2009 10:03 (Raven) ... We're so amaizing in these things now, aren't we? And yeah, go ahead and go to the lesson... At least then I might get something written here for a change... Meaning some sense (stories!) -->
20.11.2009 12:08 (Jaqueline) <3

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