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*laughing my ass off* I just'd to put this here... It's our group pic from school (suprise, suprise), with most of my friends in it...

So, in the backrow (starting from left to right): Emily (the story name of hers), Jasper (story name), Micoil (story name), Nnuppe, me aka Raven (epic fail pic)...

Then, in the middlerow (considering everyone on the couch, from left to right): Mikayla (story name, is she saying something?), Päivikki, Renee (story name, what an expression!), Veronica (story name, took the pic in a bad situation?!?), Nic's friend (don't remember the name... Sorr'), Justice <3... And then the one sitting in front's Seni aka Lesley (if in the story)...

A few're still missing from tha, but I try to work up a pic with everyone in it... ^^

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16.11.2009 22:36 (Justice) OMG... WHY DO I LOOK SO F***ING BEAUTIFUL??!!
17.11.2009 11:09 (Raven) *laughing my ass off*
18.11.2009 21:54 (Justice) Hey Raven ! Why do WE look so cheerful there in the corner? 'D
19.11.2009 11:52 (Raven) ... Miss Sunshines? NOT!!! Hehheh, dunno... We're just so awesome!
19.11.2009 11:53 (Justice) Yes.. We are <3
19.11.2009 17:23 (nnuppe) WHYY WHYY and once again WHHHYYYYY???!!!! xDDD
19.11.2009 22:20 (nnuppe) hehee luulen et ihmiset voi arvata kuka miisu on tairnass :P
20.11.2009 09:41 (Raven) Hm, now may I ask what why, nnuppe? And yes, Ithink that's quite obvious everywhere... Just can't seem to help it... ^^
06.12.2009 15:32 (nnuppe) i meant... why did u hv to put this on here >___< oh well... who cares... :P
30.12.2009 20:42 (Raven) Well, I think this pic's nostalagic... Y'know, like, we're now all in one and the same school and all that shit... Hehehheh ^^

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