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Oh. My. Gosh!! This pic was taken last summer (2009) and I can't believe how much we've all changed from back then. *sign* Damn, those were the old good times... I miss that summer so much. Hope the next one's going to be as good as the last one... ^^

Anyways, here's our "original" group. And from left to right; fist's my little bro (14 years old, who's cutted his hair and dyed it dark, looks a lot different now), then comes my cousin (the last I saw her, she'd an awesome bluish hair, she looked so cute!<3), then there's my best friend (whom my cousin found from net and stuck up with the rest of us... What an odd world this's, she's always lived so near us and yet I failed to notice her) and then, of course, there's me (I haven't changed all that much, my hair's gotten a little longer and well, ot much of change outherwise... Maybe I look a little more girlish nowadays).

Heh, somehow we all look like little kids in thay, when I'm looking it now. Even if it hasn't been so long since that... I miss those times, want another summer like that! <3<3<3 

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20.03.2010 23:21 (Ange) aww.. cute ones :b <3

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