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Locker Of Pics
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Okay, I make this clear to everyone: I hate this picture! I only put it in here, 'cause I've no other pictures of myself at the moment (don't enjoy the attention from the camera and you can clearly se why)... This makes me look emo... *sighn* Anyways, you might've already quessed by now that this's a picture of Raven a.k.a. me. Crappy one, but can't be helped, I'll change it when I'll get a chance...

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07.10.2009 11:12 (Murmelii) Good morning miss sunshine the earth says hello to you <3
08.10.2009 13:53 (Raven) Or so u fucking think!! Hehheh, whaevver... *shrugs shoulders*
11.10.2009 09:43 (Murmelii) Uups.. There wasn't my name. My bad <3

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