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Note: I can believe the speed Im writing this with (thought, now I'm'ving a little less time for it, since the examwekk's coming... And Halloween's on weekend, heh)! Well, there isn't much else to say than enjoy and comment! Here comes the 6th chapter...


Chapter six:

 Dreaming Nightmares (Justice's POV)

    "Well, let's start with something simple. Someting very cliche, like, what's your favourite color?" He put his hands on the table, resting his chin to them. First I couldn't believe he was actually asking that, but then thought of it for a moment, before answering. "Well, I quess it's green. I mean, brown and black're also really nice, but that's probably my favourite of them." "What makes you like that color so much?" I considered my answer for a few moments, "I'm not really sure, there's just something that makes it more... Uh, I don't know. I just think it's really freshing, not like water and blue, but more like a forest green. It'd resemble growing, the fresh green." He nodded approvingly to that. "That's a beautiful way to see it. It's good that you can refer it to something like that. Nothing beautiful can be seen as long as you don't use a bit of your imagination in it. Otherwise everything'll just be the same as the other, nothing stands out or catches your interest."

    After that first guestion he continued with simple guestions. What was my favourite kind of music, school subjeckt, food and so on. He'd also always ask me for an explanation. Despite the fackt that the guestions were like that, it felt like he was asking me something really private, seeing to my very own soul. I couldn't quite say what made me think that, but there was something in his look that said he wasn't listening to hear just my answers, but something more than that. But even then I went on with the guestioning, explaining more and more after each of the guestions. The longer it went on, the more embarressed I felt. How can he not be bored already? I'm just babbling something almost by myself... I was sually the one to listen, so this felt a bit akward to me.

    After what seemed like hours, Ivory checked his watch and raised an eyebrow, "I'm sorry to cut our lovely conversation, but it's getting late and I still have something really important to take care of. Maybe we can continue from this next time?" For some reason, I was really eager to tell him more, so I nodded. "Exellent. Now, may I escort you back to your dorm? Afterall, I'm going the same way." "Well, if it's not a bother." He helped me up from the chair (since my legs'd gone numb from all that sitting) and we left the comfortable depths of the library behind us. I was suprised to see it was already pitch dark outside the windows. The corridors were pretty dark, too, not nearly as lighted as the first evening. Maybe it's just the halls that are lighted... Anyways, I'm glad I don't have to go back by myself. Wonder what time it is by now anyways...

    I looked on my side. Ivory seemed to be completely comfortable with the dark as it was. "The dark bothers you." I jumped a little at his sudden statement, exspecially when he didn't even look at me first. He probably noticed I was looking at him... I cleared my throat a little, "Eh, not really. Just wondered what time it was?" He glanced at me quickly before answering, "It's nearly 7 pm. It gets dark here really soon, usually somewhere around 5 o'clock." My jaw dropped, not at his word, but at the fackt that we'd been talking there for about... Wait... Over two hours?! Well, I could certainly feel that in my butt, but even then it was weird. I thought of this while we walked through the corridors, back to my dorm. When we were there, Ivory turned to me, "Well, I wish you a good night now, Justice. Hope we'll see each other again soon." "Yes, I hope so, too." After that he took off to another direction. I remained there for a while longer, just now realisig something. Wonder what he still's to do this late in the evening... It's only an hour 'till the curfew.

    But that was all forgotten soon, as I went in and quickly slipped throught the livingroom to the stairs. There, when I closed the door of our room, I could see Ley'd already fallen asleep on the bed, fully-clothed again. I sighned as I felt the wave of sleepyness wash over me. I could barely keep my eyes open anymore, but even then I woke her to change her clothes before going to the bathroom to put myself ready to sleep. When it was all done (as quickly as possible), I literally collapsed to the bed. It was unbelievable how tired I was, considering I'd done nothing really tiring the whole day. But it didn't matter much, when my head hit the pillow and I pulled the cover over me, sinking to my bed. Literally. There it took only seconds before I drifted off to the world of dreams...

   That night I dreamed I was standing on a wide meadow, with white flowers shining all over me in the darkness of the midnight. The sky was glimmering with thousands of stars and I felt the cool night breeze brush against my body. I looked down at myself. I was wearing a beauiful pure white dress, which was flowing around me like air, or water, framing my body. My hair was sliding down freely around me, longer than it really even was. I felt myself beautiful there, standing between the dark and light. There was no one else, but somehow it felt good. The peaceful, yet happy, feeling bubbling inside of me. I couldn't help myself, when I raised my hands and danced throught the sea of flowers, moving gracefully. There was no sound from my feet, just the gentle breeze around me. Thought it was silent, it also felt like someone would have been playing music very quietly, somewhere far away so I couldn't hear it with my ears. But it didn't matter at that moment.

    I couldn't say how long I walzed there, just seconds, maybe minutes or even hours. Time seemed to have stopped there, as it probably was, but it was so effortless that I felt like dancing there forever. Maybe I don't have to wake up... Maybe I can stay here, where nothing's confusing or frightening. Yes, the one thing that could bother me now was that I knew I was dreaming this. Nothing was this good in the real world. That's when I felt myself stop, my hands falling to my sides and the unknown melody going silent, for a reason I couldn't point out. Suddenly I had a feeling that something was off, like someoned have been staring at me from the darkness behind my beautiful meadow. I turned around and could't help, but let out a small frightened voice, when there definatly was someone. And that someone was looking straight at me, with bright violet eyes.

    "Who-who're you?" The figure didn't answer, just standing there, just barely out of light. The hypnotic eyes stared at me, agressive and frightening. "Odd, isn't it?" The sudden, familiar voice made me take a step back. Then, Mikayla took a step closer to me, moving to the circle of flowers. She wasn't beautifully dressed like me, but wearing her black school uniform. She didn't move her eyes away, capturing mine to hers. "What do you mean by that?" My voice was shivering, I couldn't help it, because suddenly the air around me felt ice cold, the freezing wind making my hair whip against my face and body. Suddenly, the petals of the flowers blew off, leaving the bare and rough ground. It felt like the light was sucked out and then I wasn't on the meadow anymore.

    Now, the two of us were standing on an empty graveyard, with leafless trees and tombstones around us. A shiver went through my body and cold bit into my skin, sinking deep to my very bones. I warpped my hands around me, trying to keep some of the warmth to myself. Mikayla was still standing there, in front of me, but now there was a small smirk on her lips, "What is it now? Feeling cold? Don't you like this scene?" She sounded amused by her statement. I swallowed, trying to make myself speak out the answer, "No, not really." My voice was nothing but a whisper now. Mikayla let out a laught, cold and hard with no real joy in it, "Do you really think I'd believe that?" She shook her head, "No, you're a terrible liar, Justice. Of course someone like you'd dispise a place like this. You're not fitting here at all. Never was, never will..." She trailed off when looking around the graveyard, watching that sad, empty space around us. She took a few steps and sat lightly on one of the gravestones.

    Then she looked at me again, "It's odd how we're so different. You're beautiful from the inside as well, unlike us. Like day and night, light and darkness, we differ from each other, always. There's no way we could ever cope with each other..." She looked at the ground, thinking. I was still frozen in place, not even considering of moving anywhere. There is nowhere to go anyways... No way to escape. That thought made my chest feel too tight. "Oh well," My eyes immedeadly looked at her when she spoke again, "It's not like we'd even want to be like you." Her eyes seemed to bore holes into me at that moment, before her expression softened to neutral as she shrugged her shoulders, "I quess this's enought of an experiment for now, don't you think? But don't worry..." She slipped off the stone and walked over to me, leaning so close I could feel her breathing against my skin. "I'm sure we'll see again like this. I'll make sure to show you a sweet dream again when that happens..." I could tell she was smirking. Then everything went black  around me and I screamed.


I'm sorry it took so long for me to upload this chap, really! But... I dunno what I can say for defence, I just kinda didn't get it written for some reason... There's no way to say it otherwise... I try to do the next quicker!

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