Suntuubi-palvelussa käytetään evästeitä. Palvelua käyttämällä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää. OK

Note: 'Kay, so this's the place where my other stories (the ones that won't include my friends)'re being uploaded to... I hope someone bothers to come this far in the site, since it's pretty hard to find this... Blah, whatever!


Oki doki, so right now this file includes:

Chained Wishes (proloque, 1st chap: Remember Not coming if I get comments)

Graveyeard Lover (proloque, 1st chap: Blood And Stones coming, might take a while)

Nightmare (proloque, 1st chap: Uneventful Evening coming if there'll be anyone interested for more a.k.a. commenting it)

Shadowlife (proloque, 1st chap: LIving In Darkness coming)


I hope you'll read and comment, 'cause otherwise I don't know if I should continue these or just let it drop before starting, heh. Buut... You can decide, so please use that opprtunity to let your voice be heard, plz?

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