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Note: Hehheh, so... This's already the 3rd story (in the line) of which I use my friends in. Not such a bad record, not at all considering it's not long I've been working on this site. But anyways, now! Here's the proloque,hope you enjoy... And coomment me afterward, thank you very much!


Grave Island


    A little girl sat at the edge of the dec, watching the sun settle down to the sea. Her long indigo blue hair was whipping around her face in the wind, but it didn't bother her. Her face was a glowing pale ivory color, a beautiful match to her deep, royal blue eyes. She had a flowing white dress and a bonnet along with a travel coat. In her hands she had a porcelain doll with closed eyes, a frilly maroon dress and curly brown hair. But none of the sailors thought of the girl as anything near cute, far from that. They knew what that... that creature really was. A shiver run trhought their spines every time they looked at her and thought of how unpredictable this world really was. They couldn't see her beauty, as they watched the deep red stains on her dress and the blood in those hands that'd never let go of the doll. They still remembered what happened to that foolish young boy who tried to be friendly to her against all the warnings. The boy didn't see the next sunrise...

    Soon after that, far in the horizon, the girl could see a small island start to appear, little by little. "We'll drop you off there." The captain said coldly. The girl didn't say anything, just watched as the port came into view. There were so many people. The girl felt the sick burning in her stomack. She held the doll tighter in her arms, staring at the harbour. "Welcome to Grave Island" read in a sighn over the port's entrance. So, Grave Island... A perfeckt place for her, they had said. And so true... Once they reached the port the sailors roughly dragged her to the quay along with her suitcase. Then they just left her stand there, in the middle of the crowd, where people pushed each other and sweared when getting stepped on. A little girl, cute like the doll in her hands, standing there all alone. People glanced at her as they passed, wondering.

    The girl didn't make a move. Completely still, not even seeming to breath, her eyes shadowed by the blue hair as she stared at the ground. Slowly, the crowding started to cease. The girl was still standing there, until there was no one on the dock anymore. Then she looked up at the sky. The sun'd settled down some time ago and the first stars were already showing. An older woman approached her quietly, careful not to scare the new girl. "Are you alright, dear? You have been there for quite a long time now. Do you have a place to stay? It's getting dark, little girls like you shouldn't be out anymore. If you don't ha-..." The woman cut off with her babbling when the girl suddenly started to giggle. She didn't move her eyes from the sky, laughing hysterically. The woman took a fearful step back, watching her cautiously. She thought the poor girl might be out of her mind.

    The girl took a deep breath and finally turned her head to look at the woman. The old lady took a shivering breath as their eyes met. A pair of bright crimson eyes were staring right into hers. She backed away quickly as the aura around the girl got more powerful. Dark clouds formed over them, covering the stars, only leaving the bright light of the full moon in sight. A thunder crumbled through the air. The old woman found it harder to breath as the pressure around them get heavier. The sound of the sea was cutt off, the clouds covered the moon, leaving only the darkness. The pressure around the girl was now unbearable and the woman was now only barely able to stand on her feet. But what frightened her the most was the face of the girl's. Her eyes glimmered in the surrounding darkness, her face filled with hatred. Then, she smirked, her eyes wide and crazed-looking, and the woman saw the small pointed fangs.

    "Let the feast begin." Her words floated in the air, alluring and dangerous like sweet poison. But even then the woman understood to run, no matter how futile it felt the moment. So she turned around and took off running as fast as she could. As the little girl saw that, she giggled again, jumoing up in the air and sprinting forward, catching up easily. Then there was a quick flash and blood covered the alley. In the morning people gathered around the place to watch as the men cleaned up the place. No one knew what had happened, but there was a young boy who said he'd seen a vampire kill the grandmother. But no one believed that, 'cause there hadn't been any vampires  at the Grave Island for over ten yers... They couldn't have come back now.

    Oh, just how wrong they were...

    But that was easy to understand from them, since no one had seen the little girl, covered in blood, giggling as she raced through the night to a mansion far from the town, hidden by the forest. No one suspected anything...

    The vampires were back... And this time, they were going to stay.


Okay, so this took me forever to write and I hope it doeasn't sound as sucky as I think. I know it doesn't tell much about the story, but hopefully you can forgive me for that. And then I just realized that this might've been my longest proloque so far (yey!). So please comment and tell me what you thought... And if there's something I should fix in it, 'k?

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