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Note: Oki dki, so thiss yet another short drabble of mine aand... Well, I don't really know what I should saybou this, but at least it's quite different from the other shorties in this file. I originally wrote it for a motherlanguage projeckt we had to do on the 9th grade and then translated it afterwards to english and decided to upload here. Hope you enjoy!


My Heaven

    The clock striked four in the morning somewhere in the back of the library. I put away the book I'd read, my chest tightening from the anxiousness I felt. I was getting worried, 'cause the others'd took off to hunt hours ago, but none had come back yet. It wasn't normal, even for them. Usually it'd take one and a half hour or so at most, and even then that'd be because someone'd decided to act something on their own and screwed up. I was usually the one on lead to make sure everyone stayed in order, and now I wished I'd done it this time as well. Exspecially now that Evelyn was hunting with them. As a half-vampire, my little angel was very fragile and easily hurt. That, if anything, was enought to give me a headache.

    I slowly stood up, thoughts still running through my head in a quick pace, and walked to the window. I watched as the black clouds slowly formed over the dark ocean. A while after that, an earbreaking rumble shook the house, a lightning lighting the sky for a few seconds. Then the rain started to hit the windows. I sighned and turned around to face the rest of the library. The whole room was lit with hundreds of candles, each making shadows dance on the wall in a creepy manner. But even then, this was a place where my mind had peace. Yes, but even now it feels like there's something missing...And I knew quite well what that something was, or who. The a sudden voice startled me. The door was opened somewhere far. And I was out of the library that same moment.

    I speeded through the corridors, trying to listen to what was gooing on in the hall, where all the voices were coming. There was something off in it. Thats when I reached the main hall, standing at the top of the stairs now. I was frozen to the scene there. The whole room seemed to be poooling with my friends's blood, itching and making me wrinkle my nose. Half of the vampire's that'd gone haunting was now lying all over the floors, breathless and covered in deep wounds. And those wounds were something I knew all too well. Werewolfs...Even thinking about them was more than enought to make my blood boil. I quickly examinated through the hall, making sure everyone was there. Some of my friends were okay, the others weren't in danger either, but my mind was focused to find that one person whom seemed to be the only one missing here.

    Soon my eyes locked to a small group in front of the doors. They were sitting there in a small circle around something. A horrible thought came to my mind. No, it can't be that-... No, no, no. I repeated that in my head when I raced down the stairs to the door. Once I reached them, one of them stood up to face me. I regocnized her as Darcy, one of our nurses. She raised her hand to stop me. She seemed to struggle with her voice for a while, "Riku, I-..." She didn't seem to find the words, so I decided to help her with that, "What happened? Is Evelyn alright?" I could hear my voice cold and dangerous, dispite the desperation inside of me. Darcy took a small step behind, turning her eyes to the floor. She stood there for a while, before stepping aside and letting m see inside the circle. My body tensed from shock.

    That moment, when I saw him lying on the floor, I could've swear my heart stopped, if it just had still beated. My eyes widened from terror, when I took an unsteady step closer to the small body on the bloody floor. This can't be true... The bonewhite skin was dirty with blood, which still was still flowing from the countless number of open wounds all over his body. I looked at his face. They were now almost unregocnicable, covered in blood. But I could still see three deep wounds there, slicing his face all the way from the hairline to chin. One of them ent straight over his right eye. As I stared at his unmoving body, Darcy came to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head a little, demanding for an explanation. "The wolfs attacked them in the woods." She started, "They came without a waring. The group tried to escape, ut they catched Evelyn. The others fought to get him out of there, but..." She glanced at Eve, her eyes shadowed by sadness, "They were too late."

    It felt like the time would've stopped then. I couldn't move. I couldn't think. I couldn't feel anything. Like I'd have been suddenly paralyced. My head struck empty, only her words echoing in my mind... They didn't make it in time. They didn't make it in time... Did that mean Eve was gone? For good? That Id never see my soulmatee open his eye again? No, no, that's not possible. It can't be... I listened. Hearetbeats, no heartbeats. No... Wait, slow. Too slow, but they were there. Weak, too weak, almost unhearable. I woke from my tance-state, when the doctors pulled Evelyn up from the floor, carrying his limp body away. I couldn't do anything but watch, watch as they carried my life away from me. Darcy smoothed my shoulder to comfort, but that didn't help. Nothing could comfort me now, when my life's suddenly shattered into a million pieces in a few small moments.

    Five hours later I sat at the edge of Eve's bed. The doctors'd done everything they could, ut the gamage was too severe. He wouldn't live much longer. It was only a matter of time 'till his body'd give up and he'd drift away from me. I smoothed his hands slowly. They were ice cold. I watched his beautiful face. I was sure no one else'd say they were beautiful anymore, no more. But for me they were still familiar, unchanged. Those wounds may've destroyed his face, but only from the other side. And it didn't matter for me. For me, he was the most beautiful being in the whole world, no matter how badly the world threated him. He'd always bee special, somehow unreal, like a dream. My angel... The angel of death. I shook my head for the ironic turn my life'd taken, since now he was becoming that what everyone'd always liked to call him. And it only made me so much more sad...

    I caressed his cheek. Surrounded by the pure white covers, his skin seemed to almost glow, now that all that blood'd been washed away. Platinium blond hair and long eyelashes like a dolls. While sitting there, I couldn't imagine I was losing him the very same moment. I didn't want to think that. He was there, sleeping peacefully in front of me, looking well, considering the damage. So small and fragile... I didn't try to push them away, as the tears wnet down my cheeks. There was no one else here to see them, besides the two of us.

    I didn't know how long I sat there. I didn't care much, either. )It could've been minutes, hours or days... Even a whole year I could've sat there, just watching him breath slowly, not giving up. Waiting for him to open his eyes again, showing me that sweet smile that made my heart melt. But somehow that felt really far away. Sometimes I could hear the door open, as Darcy came in to check hijm, but otherwise we were left alone. And that's just how I preferred it. I wasn't moving from that chair. I wouldn't abandon him, now that his time was getting shorter by every minute. And I'd always hear the door close...

    They said he'd last only a few days at most, but they were wrong. Four days later, you were still breathing shakily, taking a hold of that small string of life you had. My thoughts were blurru, like everything else around me. A few days... A few days, they said. But you're still alive, right? Why give up now, when you're already doing so well? Please, Eve... Don't give up on me now. Don't give me false hope. Please, open your eyes... I can't afford to lose you now. A week later, Eve was still hanging at the edge of life, still fighting to keep it together. The woounds were starting to heal and teh doctors said they were no probelm anymore if you'd wake up. Yes, if you'd just wake up, we could be together again. I still refused to move from besides you. I had hope, but also worries. You were healing, so why didn't you wake up? You just kept sleeping, breathing slowly and peacefully. I wanted to stay there. If there was any chance you'd wake up, I wanted to be the first ne yoou'd see then.

    I was sitting at the same chair as always, smoothing his hand and thinking. hen I slowly pulld his hand up a little, placing it against my cheek. "Please, Eve. Don't make me wait anymore. Wake up..." I whispered those words quietly. Then, I felt a slight movement in his hand. He cupped it against my cheek a little. My eyes locked to his face. His eyes were slightly opened, blurry and still obviously half-asleep. Then he  slowly turned to look at me. I could see my own reflection in his familiar, huge black eyes, my mouth gaping open like a fish's. "E-Eve...?" I couldn't make the word come out no metter how hard I tried. But then he smiled and it felt like all of my thoughts were blown up in the air. I couldn't help myself when I jumped up from the chair and grapped him in a tight hug, forgetting all of his wunds for a moment. When I remembered them, I tried to quickly let go, but his arms wrapped over my neck, not allowing that. Looking at me with dissapproving eyes, he kissed me and it felt like I was hanging at least half a meter up in the air, kissing him back.

    After that it took Eve quite some time to wrap his head over everything that'd happened. And for me as well. The doctors now told me that he'd lost the sight from his right eye and his  voice due to the wound in the throat. He wouldn't be walking anymore, either, after receiving damage to his spine. It was a slight shock for him, but I was too happy to be bothered by those things. Without him here, I'd have no future. Those injuries weren't something we wouldn be able to handle. It didn't matter if he couldn't talk, I'd learn sighnlanguage with him. And as for the walking, Id be taking care of him, now and always so he wouldnt have to strain himself with that. Afterall, he could still use a wheelchair. It was alright for me as logn as I wouldn't have to be alone...

    Because as long as he was here, I already had my heaven...


Okay, so now it's written! I wanted to say that this was actually planned to be a oneshot from the story Shadow Life... The original idea of it. But it's been changing quite much in this half a year or so, so now the story goes completely... Well, not completely different from the former, but no matter. Riku's stayed as a vampire, but Eve's changed... a lot. Read more from that in the actual story! ^^

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