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Okay, so I'm not so sure'bout posting this story here, but I can give it a try, right? So this's originally a god-knows-how-old story of mine, which I think I first wrote when I was on the 5th grade or something like that... So, yeah, it's reeeeeally old. Now I've somehow uptaded it a little (since it was in finnish at first) and give it a try here.


False Kingdom


    "What if there was another place, another dimension? What do you think it'd be like there? Could I finally find my own place, a place where I'd fit in?"

    You know, for some reason I'd always felt like I didn't quite belong here. And it wasn't because I couldn't find friends, or bacause others thought I looked strange. No, that was all my own choice. It was more like my thoughts never matched with other people. I could never seem to find anyone who'd truly understand me, or who even wanted to try it... I don't know. Maybe I just thought that living like this was boring. Nothing never changed, no matter how I hoped for that. I knew it was a lost case, since life wasn't just boring, but also pretty god damn unfair. That I'd noticed very early. But it couldn't be helped...

    "I wish there'd be something, something that'd turn the tables and blow our minds. That something'd come and let me just freak out, show everyone who I really am. But maybe it was never meant to be like that, maybe I am supposed to hide like this..."

    There is a place you never knew, a place for even someones like me. There's no way to descripe it, it's so different that you'd never believe it... Unless you witnessed it yourself... And I finally did. Welcome to False Kingdom!


Okay, so here was the proloque (might still change, I just had to make something up quickly so I could start the 1st chap). I forgot to mention it earlier, but I got the thought to start uploading this here from Seni, when she started up with another story and told me some details... It reminded me'bout this. I hope you liked it and even if not, give me some comment of what you thought!

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