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Note: Beh, so here it is... Took a lot of time again, but hope you're not mad! Anyways, no warnings or what-so-ever for this chap... Just the beginning, not much of happening... Enjoy!


Chapter one:

My Life (Leann's POV)

    The alarm went off, beeping like crazy right next to my ear. I slammed the damn clock shut and kicked the covers off, stumbling up. A shiver made it's way throught my spine as my feet touched the ice cold floor. Sheesh, why can't they get a floorheating or something here? Okay, I know they don't have much money, but even then it'd be nice... I paced to the other side of my miniatyre room (sometimes I was really glad it was so small) and yanked the wardope's door open. I pulled out whatever clothes they were that I happened to get in my hands and pulled them on. I looked at myself from the mirror on my left. Seems like I was going to wear a skirt today as well... Otherwise than that, I had hight-collar, red and black striped, long sleeved shirt , my old black hoodie with the skull-decoration on the back (yup, definatly worn-out, but not so much it wouldn't suit my taste...), the black  puffy skirt (my favourite!) and an unmatching pair of knee-high socks (one black one, the other one was black/red striped like my shirt).

    Well, no need to change, but maybe some adding would be good..
. I went over to my desk and pulled out a belt from the drawer, slipping it on quickly. Much better. And now for the make up... It took me some time to search for my stuff, packing my bag as I tried to find the mascara. Then I sat down in front of the mirror and started with the everyday-operation of "try-to-get-the-make-up-done-without-snapping-at-the- eyeliner", which usually failed miserably, let me tell you. But I quess this was one of those few good days I seemed to accidentically have sometimes. After somehow managing to get the make, I stood up, grapped my bag, and left the room. I didn't have the nerves to start fighting with my hair as well, so I just let it hang loose, in it's usual messy style. I turned around and locked the door (yes, I do lock my door... Mainly 'cause I don't want others to be able to just walk in while I'm gone) and went down the corridor and stairs. I ended up in the living room (if that's what you can call it, I think), left my bag to the couch and headed to the kitchen on the other side.

    Just when I was about to walk in, I had to quickly bent down to prevent a flying fork from stabbing me in the eye. Then, as I straightened my back, the war was out. "Oh my gosh, look where you're throwing that stuff! You could've hit Le!" "Well, what the hell am I supposed to care!? It's her own fault for walking in just then!" "You fricking little-" "What're you to call me little!" I sighned and walked over to the fridge and searched for some strawberry  youghurt, grapping a spoon on my way to the table. I sat down and watched, bored, as the two went on with their meaningless fighting. Twelve years old twins, a boy and a girl. Both looked like angels with their blond hair and big blue eyes, but there hadn't been a single trace of peace after they'd arrived here two years ago. I mean, how can they fight like that all te time? Where do they get the energy from? They were currently puling each other from the hair, throwing whatever they got in their hands on and screaming like no tomorrow. Sheesh, why can't they just learn to shut up. It's barely morning and they're already at it... Wonder when they'll grow up. If they'll ever do that, that is...

    Oh, and if you haven't noticed it yet, I live in an orpanage (points for those who quessed that). My parents died when I was five, in a car accident (those seem to happen awfully often, you know?), and after that I'd been stuck in this place. For the last ficking eleven years... Don't get me wrong there now, I'm grateful that they're taking care of me and blab blab blab... But it still doesn't mean I'd enjoy it here. Which's not much of a wonder, since I'm not all that much of a "social butterfly" like most here, and having only so much of privarcy gets really disstressing sometimes. And it doesn't help that most of them are "teenagers" (aka monkeys and some random gorillas in my opnion), just like me. Yeah, right... They must be blind or something. That's why I usually spend as much time as I could, locked up in my room (the plus was that I didn't have a roommate, and thank god for that)... Okay, and that might make me seem like an outcast, but... Well, maybe I was a little. I just didn't seem to get along with anyone, they'd either get on my nerves or vice versa. That lead to the fackt that I enjoyed being by myself. Which couldn't be carried out here much... But back to the point.

   I ate quickly and put away the trash, throwing the sppon to the sink. I left the twins to mess around in the kitchen (I wasn't going to try to calm them down, it'd just be a waste of time anyways). Just when I picked up my bag, I realized I hadn't still checked the time. I glanced at the clock over the bookshelf and froze. 7:29, the bus'd be at my stop literally in a minute. I was going to be late from it! I raced to the front door and jumped into my converses, leaving the laces open. No time to do that! Oh why, just why can't anything ever go like it should? I thought desperately as I run through the door and to the street. I run as fast as I could, scolding muyself in my mind for not waking up. It's understandable to be late once in a while, but you're starting to make a record in that, Le... I had already been late three times this week (by missing my bus) and it was finally Friday. You don't need to get yourself to detension for just a few more minutes of sleep, really. I got to the street corner and turned to left. Then I stopped, as I saw the backlights of the bus up ahead of me. The bus turned and dissappeared from my sight, leaving me in utter and complete confusion. What now? Was I supposed to walk to the school? Hell no, it'd take ages... But in this point I'd no other opnion. So I put one food ahead of the other and started my slow and long journey to the hell hole people commonly know as school.

    After what seemed like an eternity, I finally reached the school gates. I dragged myself in and checked the time. 8:21... I am so screwed. Maybe I can just as well skip the whole class... I mean, what does it matter if it's twenty minutes or one hour? It's not like I'm going to miss anything I couldn't read from the book afterwards... Tsk, like I'd ever do that. So I just decided to try to sneak into the class and do what was left to be done. I walked along the corridor, passing some classrooms, before heading to the stairs and to the second floor. I got in front of my math class's door, taking a deep breath before knocking the door twise. The mumbling stopped inside and I heard steps. The door was opened and the teache's head popped out of the door, "Ah, miss Gavell. Seems like you're finally willing to join us, right?" I hung my head a little, watching my shoes as I struggled with the explanantion, "You see. Mrs Chelsey, I accidentically missed my bus and I had to walk here. You know I've a really long wa-" But she raised her hand to silence me. "I don't care why you're late. This isn't the first, and probably not even the last, time you're late from my class." I gulped, knowing what was coming next. "I'll see you in the detension after school today, at 15:30. Is that clear?" Shit, I knew it... "Yes, Mrs Chelsey." I said with a sighn as she let me into the class.

    I sat to the back of the class, next to the window. I took the books and pens out, ready to take notes. But after ten minutes I could already feel my consentration slip. The teach's words became unintelligent babbling and I couldn't make myself copy the stuff from the boeard. So I just leaned over my desk and rested my head on my hand, watching out of the window. The fall was coming rather quickly. The leaves were beginning to turn to different shades of brown, orange and red, some falling down already. All in a few days. I watched the leaves quiver in the wind. It was so boring. I'd just arrived here and it already felt like I would've sat there for ages. I glanced at the clock. It was moving sloooowly, like it'd have wanted to just tease me. And it probably does... I mean, who wouldn't? I could've thought of so many different ways to spend my day, rather than sitting here in the stuffy classroom.

    Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac... I'm going crazy 'cause of that annoying ticking! Then, the bell rang. Thought I was on the back of the class, I'd packed my stuff and raced out before the others'd barely even got up from their chairs. Finally, freedom! My mind screamed to me happily, That is, until the next class begins... How depressing. I didn't want to let that bother me, so I chose to take the longer route to the classroom, trying to get out of the packed corridor. I skipped down the stairs and went out from one of the side doors. The chilly wind whipped my hair around, but I welcomed it with open arms. It was much better than the damp air inside. I took deep breaths and started to walk to the other side of the building. I closed my eyes momentarily, enjoying the comfortable silence.

    But I quess I should've never expected it to last. And hell yeah, soon I found myself from the ground, my head spinning. It felt like I'd waked into the wall or something. Do I really walk that diagonal? Maybe I should cheack my feet or someth- I opened my eyes and looked up. Or maybe I don't have to. There was a giantic guy stading in front of me, staring down at me. I ignored his look and stood up, a little shakily, and dusted my clothes. "Sorry, bro. Didin't see you." Heh, hard to believe for someone of his size... I started to walk away, but the guy grapped my hood and dragged me backwards, making me fall down again. Crap! That hurt... "What's your problem? I said I'm sorry, no need to get angry!" I glared up at him, making my frustradion clear. He just smirked at me and said nothing. I was about to open my mouth to go on, but someone spoke before I could start, "Well, well... If it isnt little Le there." I turned my head to see two other guys standing in a little distance. I recogniced them, for they'd been on my class a few years back. Total bastards, both of them. The big guy probably belonged to the same group. Awesome, three morons...

    "What do you want?" I snapped at them. They walked closer, other shrugging his shulders, "Nothing, Le. You said yourself, no need to get angry. Just made sure you'll apologize properly. You know, good manners and all..." I waved that off with my hand, stubling up once again. "Yeah, right. Like any of you'd have ever followed any of those "good manners" yourself." The guy put on a faked offended face, "Ouch, that hurt. How can you say that of your friend?" I was starting to lose my nerves, "I wonder when I became your friend..." I turned around again and hoped they's just leave me alone. I got a little farther away from them. Maybe I'll get in time for the class for once... But apparently no. I felt my hood being pulled again, this time making my feet raise from the ground. I glared at them, for they were grinning at me like the big bunch of idiots they were. I was already starting to get pissed, but that was enough to make me snap... again.

    In the end, I hadn't made it in time for the class (10 minutes late) and the teacher yelled at me for being a "lazyass" and who-knows-what-else. Oh well, at least I didn't get detension... I quess that could be counted as a plus. And besides, I had been able to land a good punch on one of the guy's face. Thought, I'd received a good kick in the ribs before being able to make a run for it. Okay, so if you leave that out of the calculations... Those bastards deserve much more than one hit. A good kick in the crotch for each'd sound fair enought... For now. I couldn't help, but smirk at my thoughts. I heard none of the teacher's mumbling again, but it's not that I minded it anyways. I mean, that's how we worked it out here; I didn't bother them (other than coming in late, which seemed to be my curse) and in exchange, they didn't bother with me. Everyone thought I was a completely lost case, but the truth was, I just didn't have the consentration. I did well in the tests, no matter whether I listened on the classes or not. Hell, I maybe'd be able to be the top of the class if I'd have really tried it, but why bother? I could just as well do what I want and let someone other take the pleasure. I didn't need it afterall.

    When the final bell rang, I run out of the school. I slowed down a little after I got to the street outside the gates and held my side. I could feel a bruise starting to appear, it ached like hell. Those bastards'll pay for this for sure... I walked to the busstop and hopped on. I sat to the back and watched as the cars and biuldings slipped by. I searched my bag and took out my mp3 player and the headphones I'd finally bought last summer (it took me ages to gather up the money for them). I placed them on my ears and listemed as some random songs started to play. The time seemed to amaizingly speed up as I sat there and soon I noticed my stop slipping by. Oh shit! I should've watched where we were... I pushed the stop-button. The bus left me a little farther and I dragged my feet across the sidewalk, not bothering to take the headphones off even once I reached the house. I searched my keys and thrusted them in. I kicked off my shoes and shambled up the stairs to my room. I opened the door and trew my back to the floor. And what to do now? I took the earphones off and put them to my little table. I sat down to the chair and looked around.

    I liked my room a lot. I mean, it was really simple, but still fit me perfecktly. It wasn't anywhere near big, some said it even reminded them of a closet rather than a room. But I didn't let them make fun of it. It was true it wasn't big, but who needs a huge room when they live in it all by themselves? I'd finally gotten the permission to paint the walls crimson a few years back, and I loved my walls at the moment. Thought, not much of the actual wall could be seen, since I'd covered almost every inch of it with posters and papers (mostly to keep them away from the floor, which was already pooling with everything else). There was no other lightsources than the window and my little desk lamp, but it was enought. I had a small desk with tons of unrecognizable stuff on it, a quite low bed with black covers (which were left undone this morning, by the way), a miniatyre wardrope (just big enought to fit all my clothes in it) and then the balck  chair I was currently sitting at... That's about it. It was my little dark cave, where no one'd disturb me. My little privet heaven...

    Oh well, back to the main point. I know, that if I were to be a good student, I'd do my homeworks now... But since I'm not, I can just leave that and go to the computer for a while. Or try to find another book to read. There shouldn't be anyone else around right now either... I got up and took the keys from the table where I'd left them, locking the door once I got out again. Sheesh, what a habit... But a good one, I think. Who knows what kind of bomb might explode here if someone'd get in while I'm not there? The thought almost made me shiver, as I skipped down the stairs to the livingroom. There was one old computer in the corner. I sat down and started it. It was really, really old (like a granny or something) and, to no one's suprise, it was also amaizingly slow (which was the reason I usually didn't bother to use it). But I knew most of the others'd come around three or four (my luck that I got out at two), which meant I'd have about an hour to spare. If I was lucky enough, which rarely happened, I could get back to my room before they came back.

    It was 3:12 and some kids'd gotten back. That could be heard from miles away, really. That was also one of the less forntunate things in here. There were thirteen of us in this house (this was a quite small place), if you didn't count the workers of course. And since all of us were under 18, most even under my age of 16, the loud screaming/fighting was an everyday-thing in here. I tiptoed to my room (trying not the get caught in the middle of the fight going on in the hallway) and picked up a book I'd started reading a few days ago, lying down on my stomack to the bed. It was quite fancinating, I thought. I loved fantasy books, they were really captivating and I could spend hours with them. And vampire stories were my absolute favourite. But sadly, this one was short and I got it finished it by five. I stood up and put the book to my bag, so I could return it to the library tomorrow. Have to get the second part to it. My stomack growled, informing that I'd missed the lunch at school. Should get something to eat..

After my enourmous amount of food (two slices of bread, an apple and some juice) I noticed no one was now using the shower. I quess I don't have anything better to do anyways... When I got there with my towel and took my clothes off, I could clearly see the purple mark on my side. How cute... I stepped under the hot water and let it relax my body. I couldn't hear anything besides the steaming water around me. It was like there wouldn't be anyone else than me. Tsk, if it only was like that... Wouldn't mind some peace and space for a change. I rubbed the strawberry shampoo to my hair and just stared at myself from the mirror, while it was washed away. I was starting to feel warm and sleepy, so I turned the water off and stepped out. The cold tiles sent shivers up my spine when I touched the floor. I slipped on my slippers and pulled the light green bathrope on. I wrapped the towel to my soaking wet hair and gathered up my other clothes, heading out.

    God, do I love the shower or what, I thought as I got back to my room and searched for some clothes to wear for the ngiht. I pulled on a green tank top, black boxers (yes, boxers indeed) with little skulls in them and after that a pair of furry socks (an absolute must-have for me in the evenings, my feet get cold really easily). Then I took the towl and tried to dry my hair a little, so it wouldn't be all that soaking wet. I quickly comped trough it a few times and let it hung down like always. Then I sat to the chair again and searched the drawer, until finding my diary under a pile of papers (okay, it was probably that esseay I was supposed to work on... It was just a little late from the scedule). I opened the little book and searched for a pen. Then I let it hang in my hand, just above the paper, while I thought of what to write. In the end I settled down to write almost the same things as for the last two or three weeks now. I wonder when I became this lame... I started writing. My handwriting had always been messy, but as long as I was able to read it myself, it didn't matter. I wrote...

Dear Diary,

    You know what? I hate school, HATE IT!! Really, I mean, why do we even have to go to a place like that? People just gather to some random rooms and do nothing with their lives... Booooring!! I'm not supposed to rot my brains like that. I want to feel free for once... Hope the summer'd come soon. *sighn* But then again, it's not even Christmas yet. Wonder how I'm going to survive the whole year...

    I feel like a bird in a cage. Unable to breath the fresh air, unable to spread my wings and fly in the sky... Okay, that sounded just sooo cheesy there. *rolls eyes* But it fits really well, you know. That's how I feel here. This place suffocades me to no end. And I haaaaaaate it.... I know, I've said this to you at least a million times before and I'm going to say this a million times again: my life sucks, totally... There's no way around it.

    Otherwise than that, it's been as boring as always... Nothing ever changes here.

And with that, I closed the diary and placed it back to the drawer. I clicked off the table light and crashed down to the bed.
I raised my head a little and looked at the stars. The pale moonlight was now shining through the window. So beautiful... How great it'd be if the day never came. If one day, there'd be no sunrise. So that the dark'd always remain... Just how wonderful that'd be. I buried my face to the pillow and soon drifted off to sleep.


Whups, this one... Well, it took a looooooooot of time, really. I don't know what's gotten into me, but somehow I'm just sooooo not in the right mood now. Writing's not progressing at all (I'm still struggling with the 7th chap to the Boarding School... Really, that's just soo hard to get right!!!) Oh well, hope you liked it (even thought it took forever) and then comment me... ^^

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