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Note: This's just a short thing I invented on a friday evening, when being quite bored... I was talking to the mirror (yes, I do that a lot when alone) and just came up with an idea... I'll be giving you a hint in this, so read and comment as always, thnx! (warning: mentions of possible character death/ not really related to the actual story)


Ghost Call (Devin's POV)

I remember watching as he died.
I remember being helpless.
It hurts me more than anything else could've ever had.

    Today's my birthday, the day when I finally turn 18. I lay on my bed and watched as the sun set behind the window. The room was getting dark, but I was too lazy to put on the lights. It's not like I needed the light anyway. Instead I continue to watch as the sky burn read. Burn, that's what I used to do. I used to be that what people remembered when they talked about flames. My ability to control the fire, to make the beautiful flames dance how I wanted. But that was over, all of that was over now. My life... In that small moment back then, my life dissappeared like a snuffed out candle. Everything beautiful was taken away from me, everything that meant the world to me was no more. I couldn't help but feel the corners of my eyes tingle. I refused to let it get the better of me, so I turned on my side and buried my head to the pillow.

    By the time I finally got up from the bed again, it was completely dark. I glanced at the sky, at those glimmering stars, so far away from me, farther than they used to be. Then I look at the small table under the window. There were some birthdaycards from my friends and a new phone I got from them all as a gift. I'd barely taken it out of the box and changed the card into it. That's all, I couldn't do more with it.

I thank all of you for wishing me happy birthday, but...

    It felt like there was no one I could call anymore. I sat back down on the bed and checked the alarmclock on my nightstand, it was almost midnight. The day'd seem longer than usually and I was tired. I'd told everyone I wouldn't be ceebrating my birthday in any special way, and gladly I think they all understood I really wasn't going to be ready to celebrate yet. Not yet, maybe Id never be again. I'd mostly just sat in my room, watching out of the window, deep in thought. That's what I'd been doing the whole summer. It didn't make me restless as it used to. I didn't feel like going out and putting up a happy face and tell eveyone it was okay, 'cause it wasn't. I was torn apart from the inside, hollow. I wonder if this's how he always felt... I realized I was becoming more and more like him, but it didn't matter. I'd always wanted to be able to understand him, now I was getting closer than ever before.

    11:58 pm... My birthday was soon over, soon I'd been eighteen for a whole day. I looked at the brand new cellphone on the table. Somehow, somewhere deep inside, I hoped that someone'd call. So that I wouldn't have to be alone with this sufforcating feeling that was about to swallow me whole at any second, getting closer and closer all the time, as the time passed. I wished that someone, anyone'd call me and make this stop now... Just as I think that, I see the display screen light up, and I hear the soft melody of my new ringing tone spill through the room. I pick it up eagerly. The number's unavailable, but I press the answer button anyway. "Hello?" There's nothing for a few seconds, and then...

    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Devin, happy bithday to you..." The song is finished just when the alarclock shows twelve.

    The phone droppes out of my hand and hits the floor. My mind's suddenly completely blank, I can't think anything. Then the thought I'd tried to push away came to the surface. That voice... It was Ivory's... It had to have been. There was no one else with the same quiet, silky voice that he had. It had to be Ivory.

    But Ivory was... de-...

    I snatched up the phone quickly and pressed it back to my ear. Faintly, ever so faintly, I heard, as from a great distance, "... Happy birthday Devin..." The phone clicked, and the only thing I heard were the whispers of a dying dialtone echoing in my ears, and nothing more...My knees gave up and I collapsed on the floor, holding the phne tightly. The tears I'd been holding finally made their way down my cheeks and I couldn't help but smile to myself.

    I knew you'd give me the greatest present in the world, love...


Heh, I hope no one get's offended by this... Thought I'm not really sure why that'd ever happen. But, well... I've nothing much to say about this... I've been thinking about posting a shot like this somewhere here for quite some time now and here it finally is. Hope you liked and comments, please!

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