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Note: Don't really know what I'm supposed ot say'bout this. Read for yourselves!


    Abused to the point of near death, sometimes even all the way. Locked in the darkness with no escape. Beaten, cutted and raped, untill they'd beg for death. Horrible, you say. They'd become scarred, ugly, soulless little creatures who no one'd want to get near to. And once they'd be completely broken and useless, they's be thrown away like trash...

    Is that really something you can call a "life" anymore? I wouldn't. This might sound cruel to you, but I thought that they would've been better off dead than going throught that hell. I was unable to look at them in that state, it was too much. There had to be something I could do to make it better, to make them see they deserved so much better than this...


Well, I decided to put two of my stories together, 'cause they work out pretty well like this. So, I just inserted this part here... But hey, I don't want to babble too much or you'll lose interest. Go read more!

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