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So, here's my latest work of art! It took me time to get it written down, mostly cuz I've lacked a working internet for quite a while, but anyways... Hope you enjoy!


The Ghost City

All I could think of was; run!
I focused my blurry vision to the dark alley not too far ahead of me. I could hear my pulse pounding in my ears and my heart hammering against my ribcage so hard it hurt. My legs were threatening to give out more than once as I struggled for breath, speeding down the road to the safety of the dark. 'Just a little more, a little more and it'll be alright'. I could now hear the footsteps and yells of my pursuers. I tried to ignore them and the horrible imagine the gunshots filling the chilly night air created in my scared mind. I finally made it to the corner and slid to the narrow alley, safe from the lights of the street lamps.

I run through it, pulling down various trash cans along the way to make it harder for anyone to follow me. But the sound they made as they crashed down was worse than the gunshots, echoing from the walls and making my presence clear as daylight. Even then I didn't stop to look behind, I already knew better than that, dragging my exhausted body deeper into the labyrinth of lifeless streets.

After twenty minutes of running around, I finally slowed down, too tired to take another step further. My legs finally gave out and I fell to my knees, panting heavily and listening. It seemed that I'd successfully managed to lose my those who'd come after me. I crawled to the other side of the street, leaning myself to the wall, closing my eyes. I kept listening, just for safety, but there was nothing. The city was dead silent again, not even the faintest voice of a human audible. I rested there for several minutes, trying to catch my breath before dragging myself up along the wall, getting ready to head back.

I started to walk slowly, taking in the calm that finally surrounded me. Then I felt something. Eyes. Watching me. I didn't have time to react before a pair of cold hands landed on my shoulders. For a second I remained frozen, but then my brains switched on again and I did the stupidest thing anyone could have ever thought of;
I screamed.


And now you probably wonder how I got myself into this situation to begin with, right? Well, it's definitely something you wouldn't expect to happen to someone like me. How was I supposed to know that something so regular could lead me to something like this? And it's only going downhill from here on...


Well, this just wouldn't leave me alone until it was finally written down. So, I hope you'll comment and tell me what you think'bout this... ^^

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