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 Ah, the glorious silence... Broken?
17.06.2010 16:05 | Raven

Waah, I feel so awesome! I just came from THE nupo (the last appointment before my psykolog's summer vacation) and now I'm sitting at the computers at school... Yeah, the summer school's going on right now, actually it's the last whole week of it already (TIME GOES TOO FAST, I WANT THIS TO LAST LONGER!)... Next week we'll have two last days of studying and then two days for both of the exams (we're able to study the history 3rd and social studies 2nd course here)...

...I WANNA WRITE! *off-topic comment*

Sheesh, you can't believe how much I enjoy this feeling of sitting at the school (and even studying) wjilst there aren't all those students around. Damn, when I came there wasn't anyone besides me and the cleaning lady in some far end of the school, so she doesn't really count!... I bet when the "real school" starts again, I'm gunna be like "shit,can'tsomebodyshootallthesepeopleoratleasttransfermetotheeveningschoolorsomething"

*chuskle* points for those who can read that easliy...

Anyways, now I wanna go do a few memo's to the boarding school and then read my new book... I've bought eighteen books and I'm not really allowed to read them before the school's out, so I'll be really anti-social after that... But hey, I'll have tons of time in my hands, so maybe I'll get something else done as well... I hope so, 'cause 'till now, it feels like I've been kinda wasting my time here.

So, see ya later taders and hope you're all having fun on your summer vacation, 'cause I sure have! <3

 - Raven | Kommentoi
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 *epic headdesk*... And this's interesting as shit.
03.06.2010 08:41 | Raven

Okay, so today we officially had the "school trip to Heureka" -day, but due to my laziness and lack of interest (also had something to do with the fact I couldn't afford the 5 euro's) I decided to stay at school instead of going to bore myself ut of my fricking mind... I thought I'd be let off easily, but no! If course the teachers came up with an amaizing idea of keeping a quiz to us*face palm*

And here I thought we'd be doing some cleaning or something... They said we wold, but then this shit comes and I'm so not gunna waste my time here any longer than neccessary. I mean, I came here to study, I'm not obligated to do something like this. And here I am, whining again... Can't I really find any other use for this place, other than to jst mark down all my complaints? Apparently not.

*looks throug the guestion sheet*
... Guestion 2: What id the name of Manchester Unioted's football ground?...
... Guestion 7: With what kind of music would you associate Ella Fitzgerald?...
... Guestion 25: Which rock singer's real name is Annie Mae Bullock?...
... Guestion 29: What is the fastest anial on two legs?


And it's ten to nine... 8:50 am... I'm gunna have NuPo at 10 o'clock... Sheesh, why can't the clock move faster? *pissed off*

I refuse to do any of this...

( Päivitetty: 03.06.2010 08:54 )

 - Raven | Kommentoi
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 Mentally: screaming and running around.
22.05.2010 23:22 | Raven

Wah, today was definitely a weekend! I could so say that... Now, I know that probably doesn't make sense to you, but it doesn't have to. I can just say that it felt like summer vacation was there already, or something like that... Dunno how to explain it easily.

I mean, who on earth's able to sleep soundly 'till 1 pm and even then fall asleep to the breakfast table, eh? Well, the answer's: me. I probably wouldn't have woken up to even that, if it wasnät for that stupid fly to land on my hand and startle me... Curse it!

Anyways, wanna apologize to Jolie, I really didn't mean to leave my phone to the silent mood like that... I promise to look to it tomorrow, really!

As for the rest of the day, well, I'd a lotsa fun there, and the rain was the bast thing to have happened today! I was so happy I could've exploded from it right then and there! Lucky that I didn't, thought, 'cause then I wouldn't have been able to see the Avatar again and see Jolie inthose clothes of mine... Hehheh, I think they looked cute on you (even if you wouldn't read this ever, just wanted to say that)... <3

*looks out of the window*

Oh my gosh, the moon looks awesome from here! *sitting on the toilet's floor* ... Okay, so I think it's time for me to get to sleep (again), so that maybe I'd be able to drag my ass out of the bed when it's still morning...

... I wonder how I'm able to be tired and dead beat when I've only been up for, what, eleven hour or so? Sheesh, me and my sleeping habits... But hey, I'm a student and a "teenager" (don't ask'bout that), so I guess it's alright...

Anygays now, g'night and see ya later, 'cause I'm totally outta here! <3

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 ... Was That A Geiger Just Now?
18.05.2010 19:47 | Raven

I'm sitting here, in my bed, by the window, with my precious and oh-so-slow laptop (partly 'cause I don't have enough space for it on my desk), watching the thunderstorm...

It's a really mesmeraizing sight,  I think.

"A lightning stikes and thunder clashes...

... The rain's puring down heavily outside my window, falling from the plain grey sky and washing over the asphalt and many shades of fresh green. I can feel my heart flutter in joy every time the rain hits the road, every time I can hear it crash to the rocks in our garden. This, this is the absolute heaven for me...

... I wish the rain'd never stop, so that I could always keep smiling like this, never having to think of the life that's draining the last drops of my energy, taking the happiness and laughter that used to echo in my mind, making it dull and pathetic and just like all the others. I want to stay in this little world of mine forever..."

*Chuckle* That really slunded like a clip from a book of some sort, but I couldn't help myself from trying to write it down. It could never osunde as good as it did in my head, but at least one can always give it a try. The rain always inspires me to write something (I started working on some of my... more private text, so to say), there's something so very nostalagic in it...

I have to say I'm also feeling a little sad at the moment, seeing as it has been only two days since Dem had to go home. That always makes me feel a little down and it takes a little time to get back to the normal, boring everyday life rythm. Lucky for me, at least the weather seems to be wanting to make me cheer up...

Thought, I doupt most of the people'd say that. I never understand whenever people say that rain's uncomfortable and that they'd always prefer a full sunshine over it... The rain's just as important. It makes everything grow and the air's always so fresh after that, it feels amaizing to take a deep inhale outside afterwards.

I don't know a very good way to descripe the feeling I get then, but I think you could say I'm happy (thought, that's a big understatement). I get this really bubbly feeling, like somone'd have poured a cage full of butterflies to my stomack. *sighn*

Okay, so now this starts to get really confusing. To put it bluntly: sunshine makes me depressed, whilst the rain makes me cheer up again.

*murmur* To posses the affinity for water... Anyways, I think I'll stop now, before I'll start writing a novel here (would prefer to put it somewhere else) so, see you later! *off to make a run trhought the backyard when the rain still lasts* <3

 - Raven | Kommentoi
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 *siiiiiign... deep sign*
17.03.2010 13:04 | Raven

Oookay, so now, everybody, I've got the whole storyline for Falsa Kingdom figured out, have to start writing it soon!

Otherwise than that, I'm stressed out and feeling like shit. Haven't been to psykolog for over three weeks and it feels!!! My heart beats in my throat and I feel crawling into a dark corner and just cry my heart out... No matter how corny that sounds...

So, yeah, I'm still not in my best condition, so writing might still take time, but believe me, I try my very best and hardest I can, promise!

 - Raven | Kommentoi
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