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 Ah, the glorious silence... Broken?
17.06.2010 16:05 | Raven

Waah, I feel so awesome! I just came from THE nupo (the last appointment before my psykolog's summer vacation) and now I'm sitting at the computers at school... Yeah, the summer school's going on right now, actually it's the last whole week of it already (TIME GOES TOO FAST, I WANT THIS TO LAST LONGER!)... Next week we'll have two last days of studying and then two days for both of the exams (we're able to study the history 3rd and social studies 2nd course here)...

...I WANNA WRITE! *off-topic comment*

Sheesh, you can't believe how much I enjoy this feeling of sitting at the school (and even studying) wjilst there aren't all those students around. Damn, when I came there wasn't anyone besides me and the cleaning lady in some far end of the school, so she doesn't really count!... I bet when the "real school" starts again, I'm gunna be like "shit,can'tsomebodyshootallthesepeopleoratleasttransfermetotheeveningschoolorsomething"

*chuskle* points for those who can read that easliy...

Anyways, now I wanna go do a few memo's to the boarding school and then read my new book... I've bought eighteen books and I'm not really allowed to read them before the school's out, so I'll be really anti-social after that... But hey, I'll have tons of time in my hands, so maybe I'll get something else done as well... I hope so, 'cause 'till now, it feels like I've been kinda wasting my time here.

So, see ya later taders and hope you're all having fun on your summer vacation, 'cause I sure have! <3

 - Raven
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