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 Sheesh, I mean, is it just me... Or, do I really suck this badly?
09.03.2010 11:13 | Raven

I mean, seriously, dudes!

How come I'm in such a dead end, eh? I haven't gotten anything here for like... Well, forever!!! I've wanted to continue the Boarding School, but I just don't know what to write... Got myself in a bad, bad, bad situation there and now it seems there's no way out of it *sign* Maybe I'll just have to re-write it so I could decide on something else... O.o But I've written so much, I dun wanna do it all over again!!!!!!!!

Waah, this's such a pain in the ass! I was supposed to write something new here on our holiday, but then we went to that trip and then there was no internet-connection (or, there was, but it cost 5,60 e for 20 minutes use and there's no way in hell I'm gunna pay that much!)... Hmph, I hate this.

I've thought that, maybe I should just finally add something to my "original" stories, which I've been planning for ages. I've gotten so much to them, just need to write them down... But for some reason, I'm just not in the mood to do that. Or then I'll start it and suddenly my head's all empty and full of space I want to be filled!

Thought, if I get to write something more to them, they're gunna turn out somehow sadistic... Seems like I've gotten way too into that kinda stuff... Masochistic/sadistic things, I dunno, there's just something sooooo exciting in them, heh *grin*

Anyways, the class starts soon and I gotta go. I'm sorry for all this, but I hope that I get something here and you won't get overly bored of me... That's something I dun wanna happen, no matter what!! 

 - Raven | Kommentoi
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