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Library Of Mind

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So this's my story site, where (I hope) I'm gonna publish some of my stories, poetries, fanfics etc. if I've time to do that sometimes...

Anyways, there's one thing you might want to be aware of: I'm yaoi-obsessed, so (at least most of) the stories're gonna be... well, gay pairings, boyxboy (or mostly I just drop a pair here and there randomly). But I'll let you know in the beginning of the story'bout the pairings involved and other warnings it may need, too, so please at least check them out.

As I said on the Front Page, some of these stories might sound really awful and so on, but if there's something you don't think you'll like, or you otherwise just can't read for some reason, then let it be and check out something else (afterall, I'm not gonna kill you for jumping over some of these)...

And as always, comments're required, but I hope no one comes writing, "Yuck, it's so disgusting to write'bout  gay pairings, mentally unstable people, suicides, etc. whatever I may thnk of..." when I'm warning you'bout those possibilities here and later on, too... 'cause my answers for those kinda messages're not going to be any more pleasant, thank you very much!


P.S. I recommend the Boarding School (in the Longer Stories) for everyone! (the storyline's pretty much different from those I usually write here and altogether)...

And I've just recently cutted the stories to those two sections; Shorties and Longer Stories, (extras're extras) but I think the name tell anought and I don't've to explain the reason. 

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